Thursday, July 14, 2011

Vintage Upholstery Pillows

I have had this piece of beautiful vintage upholstery fabric for a loooong time now. I just kept it with the thought..."some day".
This week I made a pillow cover with these crafty little cats trying to reach a bird. Silly felines. After completing the cover, I went to my 'stash' to look for a backing. And lo and behold! There it was! The perfect backing. It was a sage green and cream two sided piece, very silky soft. It was an upholstery sample that had an old tag with 1962 handwritten on it. There were several little samples stapled to it as well, all very pretty colors. 

It turned out to be the perfect green to match the green kitty on the front. 

After completing the cat pillow cover, I had a strip of the material left and all the little colored samples. Not wanting to let any of this lovely fabric go to waste, I made a dog counterpart, with a nice looooong little doxie.   Such funny dogs they are. I added a zipper closure to this one since it was an odd shape, and made a liner filled with polyfil that can be removed. 

I do love my fabric stash! And all the antique shops and thrift stores that help provide these goodies! 


  1. I love the pillow!!...You 'do' have cool fabric in your stash! I have yarn that gives me the same rush! ^_^

  2. Oh I love the pillows both the cat ones and the dog one too!

    Very talented you are!

  3. ohhh you are so dedicated to your stash... makes me weep when i think i have all those piles of fabric, incl. upholstery, in my storage space. just sitting there. Why dont you drive over & we'll fill up your vehicle to make it worth your journey. tee hee :)

  4. I WISH I could make to CA in my old lady car - I'd be over in a flash!

    Thank you all for the nice feedback!