Saturday, July 2, 2011

Favorites from my shops this week

I decided it would be fun to start a line of pillow covers for both my Catcalls and Dogbarks shops. I, as many of you, have lots of fabrics laying around! I thought this might be a great way to help use some of it up. Of course, I will always want new ones, so it is completely futile! 

Here is my first pillow cover!

I also am going to include some knit items in my shop, The Cat Rack, a cat lovers boutique of cat themed clothing. After making this white knit sundress, I sat down and began doodling. Doodling is really fun! It just 'happens'. Little or no thought goes into it. It's very spontaneous and the pen just does as it pleases. The fun part about this dress is the hidden pictures. Remember Highlights Magazine? I LOVED the hidden pictures page and would always turn there first. This dress has many hidden drawings spaced out over the dress. The words  peace, cat, sun, love, and kitty are among the doodles as are 6 cat faces and a pear. Can you see any? Click on either picture for more close ups in my shop. 

Have a fabulous weekend and create something cool! 


  1. your items are just wonderful! I love the drawings on your clothing, they are so unique!!

  2. Thank you, Caren. I really love making them all and doodling is the best!

  3. Looks Awesome Patty !

    LOVE that tunic top & also what you did with the rain fabric :) i still use my Catcalls pillow on top of my regular pillow when i sleep on my side :)