Saturday, July 30, 2011

New Listings This Week from The Cat Rack and Catcalls

I was in a Mermew mindset at the beginning of the week!

Mermew blouse - everything is painted free hand. 

Mermew skirt - this sold after a day, so the blouse is all by itself now!

I created my own hand painted fabrics this week, this pocket being one of them. I thought it looked good on the gray fleece, so I made this sweatshirt tank top. 

This little jacket is made with a lovely pink linen - cotton blend fabric. I love the color!

And here is the other fabric I created and listed as fabric! One large fat quarter and one smaller piece about 6" x 7". These are made from a white cotton sheet - vintage sheet, I should add. Vintage sheets seem to be thicker.

So that's a little of what I accomplished this week! How did you do?

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Petsjubilee Christmas in July Sale is Almost Over!

Only a few more days to get some fantastic sale deals from the Petsjubilee Team! If you want unique, quality, handmade goods for your pet and yourself, visit these shops! Collars, clothing, cards, and even cakes await you! Portraits, pouches, pillows, and puppy tree skirts - all discounted anywhere  from 10% to 50%! So shop for Christmas, for birthdays, or just for fun! You'll find everything  you need for your pet right here...and lots of people goodies, too! Just click on the title below the picture to take you to the listing and many more sale items available in each shop. 


20% Off everything
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Prices reflect discount 

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These sales will continue to either July 30th or 31st - so hurry! Your pet can't wait! 

Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday MEWsings picks from the Cat Avis Unite Team!

I am having such fun PURRusing the shops of the Cat Avis Unite Team on Etsy! So many fun things for today! Although not all members have cat related items in their shops, they DO all have a love for cats. I love this group of mewsers and hope you will take a look at what they have to offer. 

Small Cat Blanket with Toys from SmudgeKitty




from TheCatSlave

Now don't you agree that these are just amazing? Hope you enjoyed shopping! 

Friday, July 22, 2011

And Then There Were Five - A Shelter Tale

Once upon a time there was a guinea pig in a shelter.

A nice lady  and her boys, who already had three piggies, heard about her and brought her home.

They named her Violet because she had deep purple eyes. 

She played....

and had fun exploring. 

She met some of the fur family

and got a good bit of feet sniffing in. 

Life was good.

Weeks passed and she grew and grew. And grew. And grew some more....until

POP! A babe was born! 

The babe turned out be a he and was named Jeff. Yes, Jeff. Because the Boy said so. 


And the babe grew 

and grew

and grew.

But he did not pop. Because he was a boy.

But he did get moved to his own cage where he now resides next to his mom. 

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Crazy Cute Raggedy Catnip Dolls and Catnip Bed

Mewmart was my focus this week! MewMart is a shop ONLY for cats. Kind of a cat's Walmart...only on a very small scale. I wanted to add a couple of new toys so I cut out these cute little pink polka dotted heads and felt backs. I added a face on the felt side but then thought I might as well add a face on the other side. 

I was going to sew them and stuff them with catnip and polyfil. But they just didn't look  like enough fun. Cats like long skinny things to toss around. I know they really like the braided tails on my Snakey Mice . So how about a braided body? Floppy and Raggedy Ann. 

They turned out much cuter this way and have got the funniest PURRsonalities! 
I'm thinking I should make some non catnip ones  for dolls in my Catcalls shop. 

 I was on a roll and had an idea forming for a cat bed. I wanted to add catnip to it but also wanted to make it so the catnip could be removed, refilled, and replaced. I drew a nice fat kitty and cut three pieces of fabric...suede, fleece, and cotton. 

After assembling them, I quilted the tummy to the back leaving a little opening at the bottom.

 I made three little Nip Bits filled entirely with Organic catnip that can be placed inside the tummy. So kitty can both sleep and play on his fat cat nip bed! 

Happy kitties = Happy owners! 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Skirts & More Skirts from The Cat Rack

Last weekend was spent mostly on adding to my shop, The Cat Rack. It was created originally for just cat themed clothing. But I just decided to add a few other 'non-cat' clothing items. I'm even thinking about including a children's section. I really enjoy thinking up new styles and adding little bits here and there to make them  different. Many of the skirts are made from no pattern and are simply 'sew as you go' articles. But probably my favorite ones are those that I hand paint. They become unique pieces of wearable art that no one else in the world has! Here are a few of the ones I added recently. 

Such sweet kitty fabric that needed nothing extra!

Three different calico fabrics make up this country ruffled skirt.

This is one of my favorites! A mix of applique and painting. I love the colors. too. 

All are available in my shop. Just click the pictures or here
Always free shipping for the US and Canada and with coupon code TCR10, a 10% discount is available.