Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Skirts & More Skirts from The Cat Rack

Last weekend was spent mostly on adding to my shop, The Cat Rack. It was created originally for just cat themed clothing. But I just decided to add a few other 'non-cat' clothing items. I'm even thinking about including a children's section. I really enjoy thinking up new styles and adding little bits here and there to make them  different. Many of the skirts are made from no pattern and are simply 'sew as you go' articles. But probably my favorite ones are those that I hand paint. They become unique pieces of wearable art that no one else in the world has! Here are a few of the ones I added recently. 

Such sweet kitty fabric that needed nothing extra!

Three different calico fabrics make up this country ruffled skirt.

This is one of my favorites! A mix of applique and painting. I love the colors. too. 

All are available in my shop. Just click the pictures or here
Always free shipping for the US and Canada and with coupon code TCR10, a 10% discount is available. 


  1. Those are really nice, I love the tree on the last one!

  2. they're all so gorgeous and wow on the tree!

  3. Awww the blue skirt is gorgeous!! Too bad i hate wearing skirt

  4. I think the same - the blue skirt is so cute and very clever!