Thursday, July 21, 2011

Crazy Cute Raggedy Catnip Dolls and Catnip Bed

Mewmart was my focus this week! MewMart is a shop ONLY for cats. Kind of a cat's Walmart...only on a very small scale. I wanted to add a couple of new toys so I cut out these cute little pink polka dotted heads and felt backs. I added a face on the felt side but then thought I might as well add a face on the other side. 

I was going to sew them and stuff them with catnip and polyfil. But they just didn't look  like enough fun. Cats like long skinny things to toss around. I know they really like the braided tails on my Snakey Mice . So how about a braided body? Floppy and Raggedy Ann. 

They turned out much cuter this way and have got the funniest PURRsonalities! 
I'm thinking I should make some non catnip ones  for dolls in my Catcalls shop. 

 I was on a roll and had an idea forming for a cat bed. I wanted to add catnip to it but also wanted to make it so the catnip could be removed, refilled, and replaced. I drew a nice fat kitty and cut three pieces of fabric...suede, fleece, and cotton. 

After assembling them, I quilted the tummy to the back leaving a little opening at the bottom.

 I made three little Nip Bits filled entirely with Organic catnip that can be placed inside the tummy. So kitty can both sleep and play on his fat cat nip bed! 

Happy kitties = Happy owners! 

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  1. Very very cute!!! I like the second from the last.