Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Creations from Clutter Week 3

Third week of decluttering and feeling good! I hope some of you are doing your own spring cleaning and turning your clutter into creative projects. 
This week I found a good sized piece of white cotton that I had gotten from the thrift store some time ago. I was feeling like doing some art but knew I had to create something from my clutter, so I decided on something new. I would make a skirt and just start some random free stitching without any pattern or drawings. I would 'doodle' on my skirt with thread the same way I doodle on paper with markers. It just takes a lot longer! But I was happy with the outcome! 

Click on any picture and it will take you to The Cat Rack - my shop on Etsy. 
I challenge you to try something new this week and hope to hear back on how you did! 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Creations from Clutter Week 2!
Here I am with my 2nd week of de-clutter crafting! These projects are from left over wool and fleece that I am sure I picked up at a thrift store LONG ago. You know how it is. You walk into the thrift store and see something that just catches your eye for no particular reason. But you know it has "potential" - so you scarf it up. Months, maybe years later, you wonder what on earth possessed you to buy such a thing. I know you are the same...admit it! This weekly post is a challenge to you as well to de-clutter and create something fun, useful, cool, strange...whatever! I would love to see and hear about your own creations and feature them here! 

A puppy pillow and another kitty 
(I have a thing about cats)

A wool and fleece contrasting appliqued pillow 
with a fun half and half pup around the side

And this is Woodbridge! He is so elegant! 

Click on any photo to go to my shops to see them and read more about them. And PLEEEASE do include comments and links about your own projects! 

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Committing to De-Clutter! 
I had a lovely piece of white vintage textured cotton with little red flowers on it that I just loved. I kept saying I would use it for something special, but last night as I was on a spontaneous de-cluttering mission, I decided it was time. And I'm happy. I like my new kitties. Amazing how a piece of lifeless fabric can impart life to a project! 
I have decided to commit to de-cluttering. I hope to share something weekly from the scraps I did keep so I won't get over-burdened again in my 8" x 10" space that is also my bedroom! 

Here is Tulip

This red fabric is also left over vintage. This kitty sachet is scented with a lovely lilac fragrance from rice that was combined with several drops of essential oil.  

 Both of these little purrsonalities can be found in my Catcalls shop. Just click on the pictures! 

I would love to have some of you join me in this endeavor. Please share any of your own hording to de-cluttering stories! 

Saturday, April 2, 2011

...a guinea pig's view of life.

Here I am! I am a very talented cavy (that is my latin name). As you may know, I was given another 'sister' to watch over on March 15th. SO...I have been teaching the little weelet a few tricks. Here is Violet.

What do you think? Not bad for a babe of 3 1/2 months. She still has to master the back feet balancing act. But she'll get it. I am a good teacher.