Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Creations from Clutter Week 2!
Here I am with my 2nd week of de-clutter crafting! These projects are from left over wool and fleece that I am sure I picked up at a thrift store LONG ago. You know how it is. You walk into the thrift store and see something that just catches your eye for no particular reason. But you know it has "potential" - so you scarf it up. Months, maybe years later, you wonder what on earth possessed you to buy such a thing. I know you are the same...admit it! This weekly post is a challenge to you as well to de-clutter and create something fun, useful, cool, strange...whatever! I would love to see and hear about your own creations and feature them here! 

A puppy pillow and another kitty 
(I have a thing about cats)

A wool and fleece contrasting appliqued pillow 
with a fun half and half pup around the side

And this is Woodbridge! He is so elegant! 

Click on any photo to go to my shops to see them and read more about them. And PLEEEASE do include comments and links about your own projects! 


  1. Of course I love all the things you do, but especially your pillows. These are fabulous as well!! :-]

  2. Well Patty, I'm doing similar to you and am happy to see your resulting creations because I need all the inspiration I can get! Love how these cuties will benefit animals too!

  3. I 'noticed' all these great items including the ones from your previous post because the fabrics were especially yummy :)

    As you know, I've been destashing my novelty fabrics but... what about the upholstery fabrics that remain and how about the other cottons etc that i have ?

    When you have room for more- let me know - giggle - i'll ship out a box to you. lol !

  4. Great idea Patty!! Love those cute puppies and cat!!

  5. You are really talented!!! Both puppy and cat are so cute

  6. Just wanted to say...Check my blog! :-) You'll be very happy!!