Thursday, May 26, 2011

Meet Arliss and Leon!

Creations from Clutter Week 7
I looked in my closet last night and saw the remains of my husband's once-black-now-gray gi from karate. It's a heavyweight cotton that I had used  for another project some time ago. I thought it was time to use  up those leftovers! 
It seemed to be whispering 'primitive' to me, so I went with that call. I drew a couple of patterns and I was off! After sewing, I painted them with fabric paints and added a little fabric bow. 

Here are the boys - Arliss and Leon! 



You can find them in my CATCALLS shop by clicking on their pictures. 

Sunday, May 22, 2011


my cat finds for the week
Today I am so pleased to show off the shop of  
Obviously she has dog themed items, but she is also an avid cat lover and has some very cool things in her shop! Read her profile then click on any of these listings. You can be certain that your purchase is benefiting cats and dogs somewhere in Alaska! And if you add 25OFFDOG4U at checkout, you will receive a 25% discount!  
Bow-wow and  meowy meow meow! 4 dogs and 3 cats allow us to live with them. We just adopted Milo and Wilson from Golden Retriever Rescue in Fairbanks. They are old farts; Milo is 8 and Wilson is 11! 

I am passionate about animal rescue and the proper treatment of them. Check out my favorite non-profit rescue groups ~ Without them many lives would not be saved. They are my heroes! I donate my time and creations by myself and various Etsy artists to them both. (I donate my handmade jewelry, decorated glassware, this and that along with my creative talents and give 100% of the sale to the SPCA.) Now, I
have a special category for animal fundraising! Check it out! 


This last one is my fave! 
Andrea - you are the best furbaby angel in Alaska! 

Saturday, May 21, 2011

        Nip Napper Cat Blanket and Snakey Mice

I have been thinking about a new cat item for my shop. My Snakey Mice are pretty popular. So I decided to combine them with a cozy fleece blanket for a comfy spot on which to play with the mice. Not that they will always stay right there and play, but they might! And they might just sleep there with them, too! These toys are made with the best organic catnip I have ever found. It's VERY potent and so fragrant from itsmeowornever. The blanket is a toasty warm fleece with a pocket that houses three Snakey Mice of  different sizes. And anyone who purchases this set receives a coupon code for one FREE medium sized Snakey Mouse replacement! 

This is the lovely Gigi whose mom just received a 3 pack of Snakey Mice. I love her belly! 

And this is the famous Gus kitty. His mom asked me several months ago to make a long skinny toy for her cats....and Snakey Mouse was born. They have been such a big hit with all kitties! Isn't he a handsome fellow! He is hogging all the mice! 

And this is Gus's brother, Franklin. He is in cat heaven. Sometimes the two boys have spats over the mice - bad kitties! 
MABJewelry is where these cats are employed. They assist in the making of the lovely jewelry. 

You can read more about this blanket by visiting my shop, Catcalls

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Creations from Clutter Week 6

Last night I was looking through my scrap drawer. It was about 12:15 am. I didn't want to go to bed without making one more thing. I came across one of my  all time favorite fabrics. I had found this vintage feedsack at an antique shop several years ago. I made a skirt with it that sold within days of listing it. I kept the scraps and when I saw them last night, I decided another kitty was in order. This one I named Mabel because it has that country vintage ring to it. She is just a little kitty; not itty bitty like some in my shop, and not a full sized pillow pal either. But she is definitely very sweet! Though I really didn't use up much clutter in the making of Mabel, I do feel good about giving life and purr-sonality to an otherwise lifeless scrap! 

Clicking on Mabel will take you to my Catcalls shop where you will find many plush pillow pals! 

Monday, May 16, 2011

Welcome to 


A display of some of my favorite cat items from a selected Etsy shop! 
MEWsy on over and see for yourself by clicking on any of these feline goodies. Today, let's peek in the window of Beeblecat’s  shop!

"Beebles is a little black cat that lives at our cage-free sanctuary where she get lots of love and care. The sales from Beeblecat’s shop go toward food and medical care for her and all the many other cats that are living out their lives in the sanctuary. All items are created or furnished by Joyce.
Beebles and all the other cats thank you for visiting."

I so love the fact that these beautiful offerings are two fold - the owner receives a genuine hand crafted article and the sanctuary receives much needed supplies. And everything is extremely affordable! 

I hope you'll visit and PURRuse her shop!


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Creations from Clutter Week 5

I have concluded that two for my favorite things to make are cats and dogs! They take on such different personalities in the process and naming them just imparts life to them. So here are my latest kitties! Westfield was made from some black and white wool houndstooth I found at the very bottom of my plastic container.  There was no question that I was going to make a cat with it when I found it. Bentley is made from a very soft chocolate corduroy that I had made a skirt from a while back. I added the teal bias tape bow because I love that color combination. He is a fine looking guy! 

Both Westfield and Bentley can be found in my catcalls shop. Just click on their picture.
I hope you are making progress on your spring decluttering!   

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Saturday Pet Blog Hop
...a guinea pig's view of life.

My mom is so pathetic. She has watched these two videos so much this week, I now have to cover my ears. She actually still laughs until she cries. What a sad life..... 

Thursday, May 5, 2011

OK people! The drawing has been done! The little bag will go to

CAROLYN from forpawsandhome!!

And thank you all for entering! I think I need to do more of these!

Creations from Clutter Week 4
and Giveaway
This week I pulled out some old and some not so old fabric to make a little bag and a cute set of dog shaped coasters. The green polka dots are scraps from a skirt made a couple of months ago and the black checks are from a looooong time ago - thrift store, I think.

This little bag, though cute, is not quite up to snuff for selling, so I think I will do a giveaway for it. If you leave a comment, I will do a drawing Friday at 6pm ET. It measures 5 1/2" wide and 5" high with 5" zipper.  

These chubby little guys can be found in my Dogbarks shop. They measure about 7 1/2" x 5".  

These decluttering projects are pushing me to work even if I don't feel like it! Always a good discipline!

Have you done any decluttering lately?