Monday, May 16, 2011

Welcome to 


A display of some of my favorite cat items from a selected Etsy shop! 
MEWsy on over and see for yourself by clicking on any of these feline goodies. Today, let's peek in the window of Beeblecat’s  shop!

"Beebles is a little black cat that lives at our cage-free sanctuary where she get lots of love and care. The sales from Beeblecat’s shop go toward food and medical care for her and all the many other cats that are living out their lives in the sanctuary. All items are created or furnished by Joyce.
Beebles and all the other cats thank you for visiting."

I so love the fact that these beautiful offerings are two fold - the owner receives a genuine hand crafted article and the sanctuary receives much needed supplies. And everything is extremely affordable! 

I hope you'll visit and PURRuse her shop!



  1. I love cats so much, but unfortunately cannot have one where we live. So I dropped over to beeblecats shop and purchased one of her acoe's. Now I can look at my little 'Bob' and smile.

  2. Oh you are a gem!! That's wonderful!!

  3. I also LOVE Olivia. Such a really nice shop.

  4. That first picture/drawing is adorable.