Thursday, May 26, 2011

Meet Arliss and Leon!

Creations from Clutter Week 7
I looked in my closet last night and saw the remains of my husband's once-black-now-gray gi from karate. It's a heavyweight cotton that I had used  for another project some time ago. I thought it was time to use  up those leftovers! 
It seemed to be whispering 'primitive' to me, so I went with that call. I drew a couple of patterns and I was off! After sewing, I painted them with fabric paints and added a little fabric bow. 

Here are the boys - Arliss and Leon! 



You can find them in my CATCALLS shop by clicking on their pictures. 


  1. You Go Girl, with your crafty self!! :-)

  2. I think these guys are the cutest! Your imagination is so inspiring to me! I love the way your mind works -- I try to take notes :)

  3. Oh Yeah....You've been tagged! ^_^

  4. Arliss and Leon came out great!!!! ~Val

  5. BeauTiful!!! :D hugs and love :D

  6. I found your blog off of Pet Blogs United and have to admit I am a little overwhelmed at the quality and quantity of the offering.
    I have recently started a blog devoted to pets. It is a little different in that what I do is search daily through 30 to 40 on line publications to find interesting articles related to pets in several areas. I try to post at least 6 to 8 per day with a description of the article and link to it. If you visit the site you will see a several day sampling of it and a statement at he beginning of what I hope to do. If you would care to look and let me know I would be honored.
    Thank You

  7. I absolutely love both kitties. Excellent job with those. And I esp love the picture of the 2 of them together.