Thursday, May 5, 2011

OK people! The drawing has been done! The little bag will go to

CAROLYN from forpawsandhome!!

And thank you all for entering! I think I need to do more of these!

Creations from Clutter Week 4
and Giveaway
This week I pulled out some old and some not so old fabric to make a little bag and a cute set of dog shaped coasters. The green polka dots are scraps from a skirt made a couple of months ago and the black checks are from a looooong time ago - thrift store, I think.

This little bag, though cute, is not quite up to snuff for selling, so I think I will do a giveaway for it. If you leave a comment, I will do a drawing Friday at 6pm ET. It measures 5 1/2" wide and 5" high with 5" zipper.  

These chubby little guys can be found in my Dogbarks shop. They measure about 7 1/2" x 5".  

These decluttering projects are pushing me to work even if I don't feel like it! Always a good discipline!

Have you done any decluttering lately? 


  1. Put my name in the hat, please! I am doing some decluttering this weekend.

  2. Me too, me too -- I want in the hat lol I love the little bag and the coasters. You are so smart to be declutterintg! If only I could do the same... I have decided not to buy any more fabric for a while though :) That's a step in the right direction anyway lol

  3. I think it's adorable!! Love the polka dots!

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  5. Both of these items are so very cute. I love them. In the hat please! LOL
    Thank you.
    As far as decluttering goes, I just bought more fabric today!!
    Diana and the Gs

  6. So cute! I just saw your giveaway and came to enter, but I see that it is 6:21 ET, and I'm a little late!


  7. Love these items - I'm in the hat!! I know someone who would LOVE them !! .....what an inspiration you are!! I've de-cluttered somewhat and need to get back to de-cluttering someMORE :)

  8. Aww, cute bags and placements. Sasha and I love all things doxie. Hope the decluttering provides more inspiration in the creativity department.

  9. Very cute things! I'll have to check more of your creations out!

  10. Count me in! Both are so very cute! Thank you!

  11. Me Me Me I think your bag looks great as all your stuff does. I swear I think you sew in your sleep with all you get done!

  12. I would love to win the little bag :) It is so adorable!

  13. Alright Patty! How unfair you don't have this for sale! I saw it and immed. went to your store to look at it but it wasn't there, then I actually READ the blog. Oh well!
    My niece's b-day is coming up in June and I know she'd love this!!
    Good luck and happy day to all!

  14. Well, i think Heather should win :)
    LOVE the colors and the front/back dog design is so much fun ! You really are so very creative, Patty, i always enjoy your endevours !

  15. Congratulations to Carolyn.
    That little bag is so cute. Based on the comments above, it looks like you should make more of those bags. :-)