Thursday, June 7, 2012

The time has come! After 30 some years of waiting and wishing......

Stevensville, MT

I'm moving to Montana! 

I'll be leaving in July with my sister, who has also decided she is tired of Ohio, and we will drive with whatever we can fit into our cars. Everything else must go! Chubbs, her kitty, and my guinea pigs, Tooey and Violet, will be coming. I will be looking for homes for my other piggies. 

Since Chubbs will be traveling with us, he needed a harness for our rest stops. I have not made such things before, so like any good creative soul, decided this was a good time to try! He has never been in any kind of clothing or harness before, so this was quite a shock to the fat guy! Fat indeed! He has 22" girth! 

As you can see, Chubbs has some adjusting to do! 

I had such fun making this one, that I made another 'plus size' kitty harness-jacket and listed it in my shop. I do believe these will become more populous in both Mewmart and Catcalls

I will try to keep you posted on our preparations. I am having a moving sale this Saturday, June 9 and my sister is having one June 23 to raise money for our trip.  So we have plenty to do. I have very little - she has much more! LOL
Prayers are always welcome! For both the leaving and the traveling.....