Monday, October 3, 2011

Cool Jewels from a Fiery Red Headed Cat!

Happy Monday to all Kitty Lovers! Time for the weekly edition of Monday MEWsings! This week is being dedicated to our fearless kitty captain of the Cat Avis Unite Team, Miss MABJewelry! I mean - check out that hair! ANY cat mom whose kitty has THAT hair is fearless, don't you think?! She is  mom to the handsome Franklin (as seen in fiery photo) and the gorgeous Gus. You can see more of them both HERE. Thank you, Mabs, for keeping the CAU team so fun, friendly, and light-hearted! We all  love you!

"All of this started because I wanted to make myself a bracelet. Seriously. From that one single bracelet, an empire grew. Well, a teeny tiny, mini-empire. Unique. Quirky. Joyful. Rich. Those are my favorite jewelry adjectives.

The coolest thing about selling my creations is when a customer discovers their perfect piece of jewelry from the pieces I've made. The second coolest thing is knowing that there are people all over the US, and, since etsy, all over the world wearing something I made. In Sweden! In the U.K.! In Indiana!

The greatest thing about Etsy in particular is the community, both buyers and sellers, people from all over connecting with other people. I've gotten more help and support (and had more fun) here than I ever expected. And I have been so lucky to have such great buyers. I'm enjoying my experience here immensely."

Make sure to click on these photos to go to MABs shop where you find 276 original lovely pieces to choose from! And guess what?? Shipping is FREE to any where in the whole wide world! Now THAT is good MEWS! 

Cranky Cat Earrings

Pewter Kitty Cat Earrings

Upcycled Rhinestone Brooch Necklace 

Silver Sugar Skull Earrings 

Sunstone Art Glass Beaded Bracelet in Copper

Filigree Swirl Necklace in Bright Blue and Silver 

By visiting MABJewelry, you are sure to find the PURRfect piece you are looking for!