Friday, April 23, 2010

I am declaring April 24th CATurday! I have MEWvelous deals today!
FIRST, these sweet little quilted kitty coasters are only
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10% of all sales from my shop go directly to my local animal shelter every month!! So thank you!

SECOND, these kitty cat reversible placemats are only
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Buy one or buy up to six! Again, choose a color theme or let me pick. Get placemats and coasters of the same theme! Use the same link as above to tell me how many and what color.

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Recycled Kitty Placemats!

Today is Earth Day. Remember the Earth. Preserve the environment. Recycle. Reuse. Replenish. Refurbish. All very good. But why Earth Day? Is it to elevate the supremacy of the Earth? To submit ourselves to the rule of Mother Nature and acknowledge our place as equals to the trees, beasts, and heavenly bodies? Here's my take.

"The earth is the Lord's and all it contains" Psalm 24:1
In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. He is superior over all. The earth is subject to Him. He is the ultimate authority.
"Let us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness; let them have dominion..." Genesis 1::26
God gave the earth to man. Man is 2nd in command. The earth belongs to God, but He has given its charge to man.
Then the Lord God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to tend and keep it" Genesis 2:15
Tend in Hebrew means "to work or serve," and thus referring to the ground or a garden, it can be defined as "to till or cultivate." It implies to improve. Keep means "to exercise great care over." It expresses God's wish that man "take care of," "guard," or "watch over" the garden. A caretaker maintains and protects his charge so that he can return it to its owner in as good or better condition than when he received it.
It is God's desire that our attitude toward all He has created be one of love, appreciation, and respect. The earth cannot care for man. But man can and should care for the earth out of love for His creator, out of appreciation for His kindness in giving us such an awesome home, out of respect for his fellow man who shares this common ground. So let us recycle, reuse, replenish, and refurbish to show our gratitude to God for giving us the privilege of stewardship over His gift to us!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Hey...I'm lookin' at YOU! Pay attention now! I have an announcement...VERY important! You see, I've been workin' my little tail off (no, you won't see one!) to get in shape for this contest. As of now, the world has gone to the dogs and I, an intelligent, handsome, friendly, charismatic cavy, need to redeem the rodents' place in the world by getting voted into first place! Competition is tough these days. There's a couple of dachshunds that are pushy pushy, trying to get ahead of me! I need your help!

You see this device? It's a weight belt! I've been pumpin' iron every day trying to look good for this week..(can you see the nice trim waistline??!) So have a heart and do your part!! Go to this link...leave a comment with a name (anonymous gets deleted!) and do it ONCE EVERY DAY THIS WEEK THROUGH THE 25th!
You can see me swimming there!
Let's give guinea pigs a place of importance-if just this once-in a dog eat dog world!!


Friday, April 16, 2010

Saturday April 17th only!
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Yellow Magneti-CAT $9 today!

Pink Tulip Cat Tote $25.50 today!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Then God said,"Let there be Guinea Pigs... and it was so."

"Look!! Look!! I can swim! I'm so excited...maybe I'll go for the Guinea Pig Super Star Olympics...maybe I'll get a lead role in the next Madagascar movie...maybe...OOPS! Sorry about that..a little too much excitement and look what happens..a little embarrassing."

Well....not really. But He didn't say 'dogs' either! I do know that guinea pigs were included in that 6th day of creation and I for one am very thankful!!
Not all of us can have dogs and cats. I rent and they are not allowed. But I AM allowed to have guinea pigs, so I have three...Thea, CG, and TOOEY! Tooey is my fave. (you can read about how he came to us here: )
There really are no limits to the fun you can have with these little fellows. Each is endowed with a very unique personality and abilities and there is no end to the joy they bring.

From playing peek a boo

to having a bath

and even slaying dragons

Tooey has rooted his way deep into my heart to which I can echo the words from James 1:17: "Every good thing bestowed and every perfect gift is from above; coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shifting shadow. "

To your right you can see my fellow lovers of guinea pigs! Or at least they think they're cute enough to have in their shops. Please visit them. You may find some little furry friend you like in one form or another!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Rules!....the word doesn't really bring shouts of cheers from most kids! (or adults for that matter!) But we all know they're necessary if we want order and productivity. I taught my kids that freedom means living responsibly within the boundaries...not doing what I want. Freedom is only possible for self-governing individuals, families, communities, and nations. If I govern myself and choose to live within the moral boundaries God gave (only 10 mind you) I will experience the greatest amount of freedom. But when I insist on my own thing and everyone else insists on their own thing, Big Brother steps in and tells us what we will do...and we lose. Govern yourself or be governed by another. And sadly, we are becoming more and more governed by another.

I wanted my children to grow up knowing this truth...that rules are good, and if we obey the few that God has given us, we can enjoy many freedoms. I came up with six simple Rules of our House that would help foster a climate of personal responsibility and consideration for others. They had to memorize them and practice them. With seven kids and six who were boys, this was a necessity! And ya know what?? It worked! Our home was quite peaceful, there was respect and consideration for others, little fighting, and lots of fun. Of course other training was always taking place, but these rules created an atmosphere where other things could be taught. It taught them to be responsible for their own actions and aware of others' feelings. Rule 5 is especially important...."I will behave in such a way as to make OTHERS feel comfortable." Self discipline and freedom go hand in hand. Let's be examples of that and diligently teach that to our young so we can lead peaceful and quiet lives.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Saturday Blog Shoppers!
Bunnies, Cats, and Pigs...Oh My!!
There's been some new additions to the family here at Gear4Guys! Taupie and Burrfur Bunny are so happy to have Desmond the cat, Percival the pig, and Haniford the hog join the Flannie Family. They each are endowed with a very unique personality and all of these softies are looking for that special boy to adopt them! In honor of their reception, we are having a Celebration Sale! Every mini flannie is only $5 today only! That's a $2 savings! And if you order three...shipping is on us! Please write SBS in the seller's box and you will be promptly refunded through Paypal! Just click on the pictures to your right and you will be taken directly to a flannie friend! Thank you for visiting!
This offer only good Saturday, April 10th!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Good Friday my two sons and I went to a local park. It was an unusually warm day, especially for Cleveland when it's snowing at this time of year more often than not. At 80+ degrees, it wasn't surprising to see these happy little reptiles sunning themselves! We tried catching them, but never got quite close enough. I am strangely fond of reptiles, even snakes. I don't really know why. I just find them fascinating. I like the way they slither on their bellies without legs, the way they feel, their quick silent movements, and natural earthy colors. They're just one long slender muscle!
I have drawn several reptile pictures, usually of lizards. As I was downloading this snake picture, I came across these drawings and decided to play with them a bit. I am now wondering if I should make them available for purchase as an ACEO series, "Primarily Lizards". I'd love to hear what you think!

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Easter is what makes life worth living. Without the resurrection there would be no hope, no purpose, no love. All that I am and hope to be is because of this day. The message of Easter has changed my life, and I hope you find your hope and purpose in the life and resurrection of the Lord Jesus as well!
He is not here, He is risen! Jesus is risen indeed!!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Welcome Saturday Blog Shoppers!
20% off everything today only!
I always received a new outfit at Easter. I remember the lace, ruffles, bows, patent shoes, little girl exciting! Easter means new, fresh, alive, the end of cold, the end of death. My blog post below contains my reflections of this special holiday.The dress pictured is made of old fabric-vintage is the nice word for that-but it really means old! But it's been fashioned into something quite new! honor of new life...let's put off the old and enjoy the new!
I am offering 20% off of everything in all three of my shops Saturday only!!

Please type SBS in the box at check out or send me an email at the shop you purchased from and I will refund through Paypal. My shops are all pictured at the right and you may access any of them just by clicking on a picture. Enjoy your Saturday shopping excursion!
May you all be blessed with a meaningful celebration of joy this Easter!