Monday, April 19, 2010

Hey...I'm lookin' at YOU! Pay attention now! I have an announcement...VERY important! You see, I've been workin' my little tail off (no, you won't see one!) to get in shape for this contest. As of now, the world has gone to the dogs and I, an intelligent, handsome, friendly, charismatic cavy, need to redeem the rodents' place in the world by getting voted into first place! Competition is tough these days. There's a couple of dachshunds that are pushy pushy, trying to get ahead of me! I need your help!

You see this device? It's a weight belt! I've been pumpin' iron every day trying to look good for this week..(can you see the nice trim waistline??!) So have a heart and do your part!! Go to this link...leave a comment with a name (anonymous gets deleted!) and do it ONCE EVERY DAY THIS WEEK THROUGH THE 25th!
You can see me swimming there!
Let's give guinea pigs a place of importance-if just this once-in a dog eat dog world!!



  1. Tooey - for you, and your lovely "mom", I WILL vote for you every day even though I have two dachshunds living with me....Tooey - you da man!

  2. Oh my goodness - how precious is that?!!!! Hang in there Tooey! You look marvelous!!!

  3. Tooey, you are just hysterical. Sorry you didn't win this time, but you keep trying. I promise you will win!! Go Tooey.
    Diana and kids