Sunday, May 22, 2011


my cat finds for the week
Today I am so pleased to show off the shop of  
Obviously she has dog themed items, but she is also an avid cat lover and has some very cool things in her shop! Read her profile then click on any of these listings. You can be certain that your purchase is benefiting cats and dogs somewhere in Alaska! And if you add 25OFFDOG4U at checkout, you will receive a 25% discount!  
Bow-wow and  meowy meow meow! 4 dogs and 3 cats allow us to live with them. We just adopted Milo and Wilson from Golden Retriever Rescue in Fairbanks. They are old farts; Milo is 8 and Wilson is 11! 

I am passionate about animal rescue and the proper treatment of them. Check out my favorite non-profit rescue groups ~ Without them many lives would not be saved. They are my heroes! I donate my time and creations by myself and various Etsy artists to them both. (I donate my handmade jewelry, decorated glassware, this and that along with my creative talents and give 100% of the sale to the SPCA.) Now, I
have a special category for animal fundraising! Check it out! 


This last one is my fave! 
Andrea - you are the best furbaby angel in Alaska!