Saturday, May 21, 2011

        Nip Napper Cat Blanket and Snakey Mice

I have been thinking about a new cat item for my shop. My Snakey Mice are pretty popular. So I decided to combine them with a cozy fleece blanket for a comfy spot on which to play with the mice. Not that they will always stay right there and play, but they might! And they might just sleep there with them, too! These toys are made with the best organic catnip I have ever found. It's VERY potent and so fragrant from itsmeowornever. The blanket is a toasty warm fleece with a pocket that houses three Snakey Mice of  different sizes. And anyone who purchases this set receives a coupon code for one FREE medium sized Snakey Mouse replacement! 

This is the lovely Gigi whose mom just received a 3 pack of Snakey Mice. I love her belly! 

And this is the famous Gus kitty. His mom asked me several months ago to make a long skinny toy for her cats....and Snakey Mouse was born. They have been such a big hit with all kitties! Isn't he a handsome fellow! He is hogging all the mice! 

And this is Gus's brother, Franklin. He is in cat heaven. Sometimes the two boys have spats over the mice - bad kitties! 
MABJewelry is where these cats are employed. They assist in the making of the lovely jewelry. 

You can read more about this blanket by visiting my shop, Catcalls


  1. These are so great!! And your kitty models are spectacular -- they are having such a good time :)

  2. Great items, do you make blankets for cats w/o catnip?

    I love that black cat widget, I put it on my blog just now...thanks

  3. Certainly, Sweety. It's just the toys that have catnip and I can leave it out. I have done so several times for cats who don't do well with it.

  4. I think the blanket w/ the snakey mice are a wonderful idea!!!

  5. this blanket and the snakey toys are just adorable! I just tweeted this post and I posted it on my Cat Chat With Caren & Cody facebook these!

  6. Thank you, Caren!! I really wanted to make something fun as well as functional.

  7. Those kitties love your sweet :)

    I wish I can be as creative as you are. Good luck with the shop.