Saturday, May 14, 2011

Creations from Clutter Week 5

I have concluded that two for my favorite things to make are cats and dogs! They take on such different personalities in the process and naming them just imparts life to them. So here are my latest kitties! Westfield was made from some black and white wool houndstooth I found at the very bottom of my plastic container.  There was no question that I was going to make a cat with it when I found it. Bentley is made from a very soft chocolate corduroy that I had made a skirt from a while back. I added the teal bias tape bow because I love that color combination. He is a fine looking guy! 

Both Westfield and Bentley can be found in my catcalls shop. Just click on their picture.
I hope you are making progress on your spring decluttering!   


  1. ADORABLE as all cats wish to be :)
    Are you keeping a registry of all the names ?

  2. I really should because if I have to go back and look if I think I already used that name! Thanks!

  3. Ha. Good idea on the names. I LOVE Bentley a lot!! Great find in the bottom of that fabric basket of yours.

  4. I've been cleaning out around here too. Today I found a handbag, and I have no idea where it came from. It's like I just went shopping, ha!
    Love your creations, as always.