Saturday, July 9, 2011

It's a MerMew!

I am a happy member of the Etsy for Animals team. Every month there is a new challenge theme that members may enter. July's theme is “In the Deep Blue... a great month to display Oceanic & Sea-fluenced products"
Well, I was kind of at a loss, as well as busy with other things, so put it off.  But yesterday I told myself I MUST get SOMETHING in!  So as I sat outside and ate my lunch, this is what emerged from the depths - of somewhere! So I drew her up, pieced her together, stuffed her and TADA! 


MerMew is all cotton with a felt face, embroidered with that simple innocent face.

She even has a tail because...well...because mews have tails! 

MerMew is presently guarding my Catcalls shop!