Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Pet Lover's Paradise!



Tammy is one talented lady who loves her dogs (and pets in general). 
 "I have 2 spoiled rotten dachshunds, Angel & Boudreaux. I love crafting and dogs, so I've combined my interests by sewing custom rag dolls, bandana/visor sets, neck ties and collar flowers for pets."
If you visit Tammy's shop (and you should!), the first thing you will notice is all the eye popping color. Her shop has some of the most brilliant colors and crisp photos ever! 

If you look at little closer, you will also see some very handsome dachshunds as models! Those would be her own sweet Angel and Boudreax (I really don't know that is pronounced / boo-DROW?!)

But that's not all! She has also made adorable accessories for rabbits and cats! 

And if you love your pet so much and want to share something in common, she even has something for you! 

And how about these! Talk about cute! 

So take a minute and check out this bright, colorful, cute shop and contact Tammy for your own custom made dog, cat, rabbit or maybe even lizard accessory or doll! 
Click on any photo and it will take you directly to that listing! 


  1. Love Tammy's shop and her wiener dog models. Sasha loves the collar flowers. Great feature you did on Tammy, Patty. :)

  2. Tammy's visor and bandanna sets are outstanding! I love the rabbit and cat one!!

  3. Her shop photos made this non-pet owner smile! :-)

  4. Really great write up! The colors in Tammy's store are amazing and she makes so many beautiful things that make the pets feel extra special.

  5. tammy is so talented! thanks for putting the spotlight on her & her crafts.