Friday, July 22, 2011

And Then There Were Five - A Shelter Tale

Once upon a time there was a guinea pig in a shelter.

A nice lady  and her boys, who already had three piggies, heard about her and brought her home.

They named her Violet because she had deep purple eyes. 

She played....

and had fun exploring. 

She met some of the fur family

and got a good bit of feet sniffing in. 

Life was good.

Weeks passed and she grew and grew. And grew. And grew some more....until

POP! A babe was born! 

The babe turned out be a he and was named Jeff. Yes, Jeff. Because the Boy said so. 


And the babe grew 

and grew

and grew.

But he did not pop. Because he was a boy.

But he did get moved to his own cage where he now resides next to his mom. 


  1. So very cute!! Love the story and the pics.

  2. That's a good guinea tale! :-)

  3. Thanks for sharing this story, cute pics!

  4. This is a proof that piggies, as tiny as they are, have awesomely heartwarming stories to tell, too. Just like the "big guys" - dogs and cats.

  5. Awww Piggies are so cute. Myooman sisfur has 2 gerbils and I loves watching them play in your house. They are so funny!

  6. Does Jeff have violet eyes as well ?

  7. Oops! But Jeff is awfully cute!

  8. Awww I missed you piggies post a lot!!!

    Jeff is soooo cute,that picture of him in the box is priceless.
    Is Guinea Pig only has one child per labor?