Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Newest shop! Illustrating all those verification words!

Well....I have done it again. Opened another shop on Etsy! I must be addicted. This is my fifth. But this one was just begging to be created! You know all those ridiculous verification words you must type in for many blogs? Paddlypat, dangu, tative, and my fave, ubolowle! So many funny words! My mind insists that they be defined each time I see them, and almost instantly something comes into focus of what this must mean. So I thought I would do everyone the favor of actually giving all these poor neglected words a place in life! The Verification Cat defines and illustrates these in ACEO form. Each one is colorful and original. TVC, as I call him, gives an accurate definition, illustrates it, then gives a sample sentence at the bottom. He would also love to have you pass along your own odd verification words so he can add to his collection. Here's a few samples of what you'll find at The Verification Cat shop on Etsy! Just click on any one of them to be taken to the listing in the shop. SO put on some UBOLOWLE, have a seat ( but not for too long, lest ABLUXES consume you!) and enjoy your visit! 

Please feel free to leave your 'VERI' words for TVC in the comments or through the Etsy shop. 

And you can follow @TheVeriCat on twitter! 


  1. Brilliant! I absolutely love the idea behind these works of art!

    redas---that's the verification word I got.

  2. Thanks, Living! I'm giving 'redus' to TVC!

  3. I think it is such a great idea!!! Those words finally have purpose, lol.

    My word was brinne

  4. I have 'NO IDEA' what you're talking about!!! LOL

  5. Tee-hee, creative use for all those words!

  6. I thought I was the only one who puzzled over word verification words. What a wonderful idea!

    Oh, and my verification word is "chytho."

  7. you are BEYOND talented AND clever!! I think this is a GENIUS IDEA!!!

    I just LOVE IT!!!!
    My captcha was "OUTIO"

  8. I love these words! OUTIO is hysterical! I already have one for it! LOL!
    Thanks for all the nice feedback!