Monday, September 20, 2010


Although it was a complete blowout for me, it was lots of fun!

My booth....

The cutest little redhead who stood there and pet Tammy for a long time!

Giant wolfhound!!

Maya, lying down, was my nice neighbor, and Wilson came to visit. Both Newfies. And boy! Do they drool!

Cutest little whippets!

And this is Grace! I loved her! Such a fun little girl.

My three-legged friend. She was so perky and enthusiastic, I'm quite sure she had no idea she was handicapped!

Cody, background, and Andrew hugging my dog-in-law, Haylee.

Getting toward the end.

Yipee! Snack time!

Cleaning up with the Gentleman and his Lady, Toby and Haylee.

A great turnout for Rescue Village! I hope to be able to help them in other ways through donating items for sale or raffle at their shelter or events. Awesome pawsome people!


  1. Fantastic pics, Patty!! Beautiful puppies, all of them!! Your setup looked very colorful and inviting...there's just no rhyme or reason with these things....

    Your boys are adorable! Or, should I say since they're older, your guys are super hotties! ;-) (They'll probably be creeped out by either comment coming from me...;-)
    God Bless!

  2. Brought back so many memories of dog shows gone by.....I remember now all the dogs that come by and visit - what a lovely group of pictures you have of your FIRST show!! Loved seeing your set-up and looked like good weather too. Sweet little girlie petting Tammy - so precious...wish I was there - I would have bought it for her :)

    Handsome sons you have!! so great to have them help you too and I'm sure it was a Great Learning Experience for them.
    Thanks for Sharing, Patty!!
    love and hugs

  3. LOTS of doggie LOVE... no cats came to visit ?

  4. So glad to see the show photos :) Your boys are very good looking! They look smart and sweet, uncommon at that age lol Your booth looked fantastic. I love the peg boards you had the cat and dogs on! I am struck again by how much Toby looks like his 'cartoon' your son drew. I recognized him right away :) And what about that wolfhound... Wow! Thanks so much for sharing the photos with us :)

  5. Aww, love the pictures. Miss Grace the little dapple doxie was so cute. It would be worth it to mingle with all those precious furry ones. :) Sorry, no sales though.

  6. another great story with too cute pictures.. sounds like an exhausting day, wish it had been more rewarding for you, chalk it up to a good learning experience. The dogs looked like they enjoyed all the attention!Yes, put my time in at these as well. Thanks for sharing..

  7. Patty, I am so glad you took pictures. Your tent looked excelent. So sorry things didn't sell as planned. But you had so precious visitors. That is one of the best parts. Wow. Those wolfhounds are so big. Said to be the tallest dogs in the world, and I love newfies, except for the drooling.
    Your boys are so handsome.
    Thanks for sharing.

  8. It looked like it was a lot of fun!!! Great pictures and I especially loved the wolfhound! Wow!

  9. The dogs look so happy - great photos Patty! There's something to be said about the value of having a fun day - sales are good but a wonderful day with friends and animals is priceless :>)

  10. Wow - this looks like my kind of event! The dogs are all gorgeous (both real & plush!) - the wolfhound is magnificent & that brindle whippet reminds me of Max.

    I see from one of your pics that Beth Wade was there to. I love her greyhound stuff - it's such a small world ;-)

    Your stall looked great Patty,& I bet lots of people came away from it with your super cute doggie plushies in mind for next time they buy someone a gift (themselves a treat!).


  11. Great event! It looks like all the canines had a fun time with their friends!

  12. I added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit mine and become a follower if you want to.

    God Bless You ~Ron

  13. Fabulous pictures of such a fun event! Astrid loves to go to things like this. Think I'll give you a 'follow'!

  14. Looks like fun.

  15. What a great day and great dogs too!