Sunday, September 19, 2010


SALE Children's Greeting Card, Kitten Climbing Tree, Vintage Storybook Image

The eency weency kitty climbed up the tree to pout

Climbing - Tabby Cat Original Painting

OOPS! The poor guy slipped and almost did fall out!

completed cross stitch cat

Down came the kit with much fatigue and strain

Wild Kitty 8 x 10

Then the eency weency kitty climbed up the tree again!

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  1. Aww, you are so creative. Glad the kitty wasn't too hurt from his fall. :)

  2. This is so cute! Thanks for featuring my card!

  3. Such a fun little poem and the pictures are gorgeous!

  4. So sweet and the pictures are adorable.


  5. This is so wonderful :) You may have missed your mark as poet? Week after week you delight me with these darling poems and pics :)

  6. popping in to say Hi!!! saw the man - Tooey - as your avatar on Sue's (mysaviour) blog - had to come and say HI!!! (what incredible work you put into all the beautiful animals, and the boards to hang them on for the show yesterday!!) so thankful I have several of your beautiful and cheerful, hand crafted, one of a kind lovelies :D!!!

    I agree with makingstuffwithlove,
    you are a poet,
    do you know it? ;)

  7. Wonderfully charming, another hit! you could do a book with all these clever ideas..

  8. and the moral of the story is... about will & audacity... courage & stubborness... addiction to fun & games... or perhaps this cat has a jock complex. LOL

    whatever it is... i enjoyed the story :)

  9. That was so cute!! Thank you for including my kitty in your story lineup. :)