Thursday, September 30, 2010

Furbaby Friday

This was a tough one to write! Get your tissues. It's a bit long, but you will not notice once you start. Anna, from Original Designs by Anna on Etsy, shares her story of 17 happy years living with pit bulls Nakita, Natasha, and Rocky, along with Max the cat!

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*Anna leaves for Portugal today to join her husband. I am not sure when she will reopen her shop, but I hope it's not too long! Have a great trip, Anna! Best of everything to you, your husband and your 'kids'!

She's talkin' about ME!

I was so happy Patty gave me the opportunity to share with you my joy and happiness - Natasha my Pit Bull Terrier. Everyone is aware of the stigma that surrounds pits. In fact, I very recently had to switch air carriers because Continental will not fly pit bull adults or pit bull mixes. This blanket stereotype infuriated me. I suggested a private evaluator. I don't know if that will reach the CEO's...but I'm here to tell you about what doesn't make the news - how loving pit bulls are.
The love of my life has 4 paws (don't tell my husband that) and her name is Natasha. An eleven year old red nose pit bull terrier.

The life of the dog princess

The first pit bull ever introduced to me was Nakita. She had belonged to an ex boyfriend, and I adopted her from him at 3 years old. She was an amazing dog. Always under my feet. I literally could not go to the bathroom without her following me! I remember one day she got out of the house. I was on the roof, and she was circling the house going crazy to find me. It was too funny. Most other dogs would have bolted down the block, but not Nakita! She was a momma's girl. I could leave her with friends or family when I went away, and she listened to them as if they were her master. Loving, kind, and gentle with dainty little feet, she was a ham and loved being loved and giving love, too.'re my best friend, Nakita!

When she was seven, I wanted to get another dog since she only had cat companions. It just so happened that my cousin also had a pit, which he bred, and I was lucky enough to get Natasha!! A red nosed pit at only a few weeks old.
As a tiny pup she slept under my arm. As soon as she wiggled, I jumped up to take her out to train her early. She was full of gusto and annoyed Nakita, nipping at her and antagonizing her into play. It was so entertaining to watch the two of them play and wrestle around. They became the BEST of friends. Natasha was the cutest thing! She eventually grew into her ears that looked like a nuns habit on her head!

I love you, Nakita.

Natasha and Nakita LOVED bedtime and napping. As you can tell, these two princesses had the life! At thirteen, after a full life of love , two litters, and being Natasha's and my best friend, we discovered a huge tumor on the back side of Nakita's heart that was pressing on her lungs. After a few nights in a row of her leaving the bed and wanting to find her own space to say good bye, I finally let her go. That was a sad day. When I came home without her in 2004, Natasha ran downstairs to meet us and was running around the house frantically looking for her dear friend, Nakita. It was so sad to lose her best friend that she had known since she was a wee pup.

Me? A Pain in the butt? Naaaa!

For several years it was just Natasha, the kitties, and me. Then came Rocky, a blue pit from Virginia. Actually, he is owned by my cousin who lives with me, and 'Auntie' LOVES to spoil him all day while cuz is at work! Now, they are best friends! Rocky can be a real pain in the butt - like any child. He hovers and follows me everywhere! He harasses the cat and can't sit still. Sound like a human 4 year old? That's exactly him! But what a ham he is and he is a big bundle of love.

Nothing like a dog pillow....

Max, the gray and white cat, is the mayor of town around here and actually keeps Rocky in check. Even though he has no claws, he beats the bajeezas outta him! It's rather funny watching a pit bull run from a cat with no claws. Rocky is very goofy and like a puppy-still very rambunctious. He reminds me of Nakita sometimes. I can't get up and go do something without him jumping up to follow as if he's saying, "WHERE YA GOIN? HUH HUH HUH???" His googly eyes and big head make you just laugh. He looks so intimidating with his muscular build, but he is a big goof ball.

I'm keeping the bed warm for you, Mom.

Natasha thinks she's a human. When we go to the vet, she jumps up on the hard plastic chairs, which she can barely fit on, giving everyone in the waiting room a good laugh. She loves to nap and she has her schedule down pat! When I'm on the computer too long, she looks at me like, "Um, EXCUSE me, but it's time to watch TV." After a period of time watching TV she gets antsy, staring at me as if to say, "So? Are we going to bed yet??" I tell her, "In a bit", and she puts her head down, grumbles, and keeps looking at me until we go up to bed. Sometimes she will head upstairs and hang her head low, poke her nose between the spindles, and look at me, then look upstairs, and look at me again, as if she's saying, "Bed?... Well I'm going without you!" She sleeps completely under the covers...head and all. By morning she has made her way out of the side of the blanket or up next to me, spooning.
She is eleven years old now and has brought me such joy. Her life is perfect with mommy, daddy, table scraps once in a while, her friends, and lots of naps!

Yes, we are pit bulls. Gentle, loving, loyal. Please love us. And we will love you back.

In all, I have had 17 years of my life filled with 3 pit bulls. Never have I had an incident of out of control aggression. Those who I have left my dogs in the care of had no negative issues, except the common potty accident or chewing on something. This breed is one of the most loving, loyal, and obidient I have ever come across. Pit bulls aren't bad dogs. They just have bad owners.
I hope next time you hear news of a vicious attack at random, know, in most cases, it may not have been random. People take advantage of the loyalty these dogs have and manipulate them. And thus, the breed and many individual dogs, suffer. Tough guys who think it's cool to have a pit, and people who neglect and abuse these dogs, have lead to the stereotyping. If you have the opportunity, adopt a pit. They are the most genuine, wonderful, and loving dogs. This is coming from a 'girly girl' bird and cat lover! THIS is my opinion of pit bulls. I know sometime pro pit people look rather intimidating themselves but trust me, pit bulls are for everyone. Raise them with love and obedience and a little spoiling, and you will reap the rewards of a truly mutually gratifying relationship. They love like a human.

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  1. Aww, that was an awesome post. Only required a couple tissues. heehee. Love the pit stories. I have met a few pits in my time and all have been basically big babies. I am a doxie person myself, but I know one thing dogs that experience love and respect from puppyhood will only give love and respect back.

  2. I only know one pit bull/ridgeback mix, and he just adores me for some reason, big goofy loving guy that he is.
    This was a wonderful post, and those are some pretty dogs. Thanks for sharing your story. And I love your tee shirts. :-)

  3. Oh, I love ANNA!!! I have about TEN of her T's and Tanks and soaps she's included in my orders as them all! But this story of her adorable pups is fantastic! Nakita is a gorgeous dog and is waiting for all of you someday!! ;-) Natasha is beautiful and Rocky just looks like he's a goodball, eh-hm, I mean a bundle of joy! Your kitties are sweet too! You are truly a wonderful person, Anna!
    BTW~Your description of Natasha and Nakita when she first came home sounds exactly like my Molly and Moxie (the newest) and what they are going through right now! It's so cute! God Bless You, Honey!! Hope all is well~
    Awesome "subject" and post, Patty! You couldn't have picked a nicer person!
    Kelly & Crew
    Big Mac, Molly & Moxie

  4. Wonderful article about Anna! So sad about Nikita!
    All those dogs look so sweet and precious!

  5. Very Nicely written. I was never a dog person until I found my Buddy. Now I can't live without him.

  6. Anna is beautiful inside and out. And I agree - her soaps are AMAZING!!!! Thank you for this amazing story of Anna and her BEAUTIFUL dogs. This was an important story to share. Look at these sweeties. Theresa

  7. Great stories! I didn't know that pits were even vilified on planes! Grrr!

    Our 1 1/2 year old pit, Zen has won me over to pits for the rest of my life.

    Glad you bring out the snuggle-bunny aspect - its one of the places where pits excel. Yes, they make delicious warm pillows!

    Our pit is focused on "where are his humans?" every minute. It's great, cause like you I don't have to worry about him running off. The one thing that freaks him out though is when the hubby goes in one direction and I go in another. Poor puppy doesn't know who to follow!

  8. I had to say goodbye to my precious Beauty girl a year ago this past February. She was a pit/black lab mix. Her body was all pit. I will always miss her. I find myself putting my hand down hoping to feel her head.

  9. Finally I am geeting around to leaving my thanks for this post! Patty you are wonderful and I'm so greatful you gave me the opportunity to educate people on the less publicized side of the pit bull terrier breed. Many thanks to you who have left such kind and wonderful comments xoxo My sincere condolences go out to those who have lost your pit, or ANY pet - it is so sad when they are truly a 'Great' pet and we must go on without them.

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