Thursday, September 9, 2010


This week you will meet Diesel, the lucky kitty who belongs to Joyce from SWEETYBIRD09 on Etsy. Joyce will receive 50 FREE TWEETS next week!

Me and my mom when I was a babe. Do you think I look like her??

In August of 2003, while I was at the vet's office with our dog, I saw two kitties in a cage. They had been hand raised at the vet's since their Momma would not take care of them after a c-section delivery. I mentioned it to my husband, Jack, that I has seen a black and a grey kitten and that they had been born on his birthday. The next week we had to take the dog back to the vet so we both went. The two kittens were still there, so we asked if we could see them. I was really wanting the grey one, which was a girl. We went into one of the exam rooms while they took our dog. We sat in the room and Jack was on the floor.The grey one hid but the black one went right up to Jack, took his little paws, put them on his glasses, and looked him in the eye. He seemed to be the friendlier of the two so Jack said that was the one he liked best. Even though it was a boy and I wanted a girl, there was no denying the personality of the black one was better.

Just taking a break from unpacking my things...

We left the office talking about how he fit our criteria of a cat that was used to dogs, since he saw them daily as they passed by the cage. We put in our application and the next day we went to get him. That was a little over 6 years ago. I am sad to say our dog, Brandon, is not with us but Diesel is healthy, big, and happy.
When we brought our new kitty home, he purred so loudly it sounded like a diesel motor! So we decided on the name Diesel. The fact that he was black worked well with the name also.

Don't you DARE try to take my Shrek away!

Diesel is NOT independent like many cats are. He tells you he wants to play by running into the living room and doing this kind of meow howl to let us know to come get him. So we come into the room, hide behind a chair or the couch, and slowly peek out at him. All the while his eyes are getting as big as saucers! Suddenly he pounces towards you and does a special brrrrrrrr kind of sound. He loves to chase me down the hall while I am squealing with delight as he runs behind me!

I'm watching reality TV...

Diesel does not go outside. He did go in the tiny back yard we had when we lived in our apartment for most of his life, but 7 months ago we bought our condo and we keep him inside all the time now. He can get bratty at times and lets you know when it's time for his wet food, which he gets twice a day to keep him hydrated.

My dad is my best friend...he's waaaay better than any cat bed!

Jack and Diesel have a special bond. In the morning, when Jack is getting ready for work, Diesel stays with him, and if he is lucky, Jack will get the comb out of the drawer. Diesel lays down, shows his chubby belly, and purrs up a storm while Jack is combing him.
Diesel sleeps with us in our bed. He starts out on the pillows and ends up at our feet sometime during the night. Then in the morning, when it's time for his food, he will paw at the side of the bed to get my attention.

Hey! You whoooo!!!!! Somebody help the boy PLEEEEEEASE!!!

Dear God,

I know I can be bratty. Please forgive me. I know I get selfish and probably make my dad late for work by thinking only about my belly being combed. Please forgive me. I know I have coveted other cats' mice. Please forgive me. I don't know why You chose me to become a part of this couple's life, but I sure am thankful. Please bless my mom and dad today. Amen

P.S. Could you tell my mom to add an extra can of food today?

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  1. I'm cheating because technically its still Thursday for me...
    keep praying for that extra can of food... you never miow !

  2. Oh, my goodness...
    Love reading your blog!
    I am glad I came across it~
    Thank you for sharing!

  3. Oh, that is one sweet kitty. Sounds like he has been hanging with Sasha a lot. heehee. :) Love the blog as always.

  4. Thank you Patty for this wonderful blog and for featuring Diesel on furbaby Friday!, You did such a good job with the pics, I am blessed to have met friends like you on etsy, Jack and I and of course Diesel thank you!!!!

    Ok so I guess he needs that extra can!!!!!

    Love Joyce

  5. Aw, Diesel is such a cutey & sounds like such a fab pet! So glad he has found happiness with Joyce & Jack ;-)

  6. I love the story! Diesel is such a sweet and happy kitten :) I'm so glad you found him!

  7. I really enjoyed reading about Diesel and his family. So sweet!


  8. This was a great furbaby Friday :) I loved hearing about Diesel and his games. Wonderful way he got his name! I love a loud purring cat :) He's really found himself his own paradise! Darling items form her etsy store, too: I love the pink and white baby sweater!

  9. What a great story. I LOVE the pictures, and I love the way you describe playing with the cat, chasing his human down the hall, and all the time enjoying it tremendously.
    Great items too. I love the colors in that baby blanket - so sweet.

  10. what a great story and a cute kittie! i like the blanket.


  11. I love this blog! What a sweet kitty. I enjoyed reading about Diesel, a PURRRRFect name! Joyce has some lovely items..♥ her shop!

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