Sunday, May 23, 2010


Cat Art ACEO Mixed Media Kitty Collage Card titled Hungry Kitty

Old Mother Hubbard went to the cupboard to get her poor cat some fish

depressed cat postcard allergies itchy white kitty

But when she got there, the cupboard was bare and so the poor cat had none.

FRISKIES Cat Food Wrapper Wallet Clutch Gadget Organizer Case Recycled

She went to the store to buy a cat treat

Siamese Cat at the Coffee Shop Art tile Coaster

But when she got back, he was drinking HER tea!

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Have a MEW-velous Monday!


  1. Sasha the wiener dog here. Cute kitty Mews.

    Friendly, wiener dog suggestions: Maybe, "the poor cat had to wish" cause that rhymes with fish. Also, maybe "but when she got back, he had just sent a cell phone tweet" cause that rhymes with treat. But, then us wiener dogs have a little OCRD (Obsessive Compolsive Rhyming Disorder) going on so you might want to stick to yours. heehee.

  2. So wonderful, so fun! :0) Happy to see EFA members featured, love all the listings!

  3. I love your little Monday Amewsments feature - always make me smile ;-)

  4. I love this feature. It is fun, great non-rhyming poem makes me laugh, LOL, great itmes and love the pictures.

  5. I love it! So much fun and so many great pieces!!!

  6. I love the kitty stuff, I have a big cat (21 lbs) named Diesel, he is 7 years old and I have a great pic of him on my blog

    I do not have cat items in my store, I make hand knitted items, mostly baby, but I LOVE CATS...

    My name is Joyce nice to meet you!

  7. That is so cute. Love it. Made me smile.
    And I just noticed your Bible verse... that is my life verse :o)

  8. So cute!! Sometimes I find my cat drinking my tea when I leave it sitting on my desk.

  9. Absolutely adorable!!!


  10. I love cats. Enjoyed your story.
    I have a cat panel in my glass shop: