Friday, May 14, 2010

Meet Sassy Sasha Doxie!
This week's recipient of 50 Twitter Tweets!

Sasha is a the Dachshund dog-child of Athena, owner of Sassysashadoxie on Etsy.
She also has her very own blog that her mom helps her with:

She's quite vocal and tells it like it is...

"Sasha the wiener dog here. I is in a bad mood today. Nothing has gone right at all. I thinks I wants to go back to bed and have a do over day."

"You know I am very cute and so I don't need as much beauty sleep as other critters do, but the occasional towel to tunnel under does promote some rare catch up Z time."

Sasha's store is full of wiener dog computer generated printed items for all to enjoy. I recently bought a pair of graduation cards and was amazed at all the extra goodies Sasha sent! Stickers, bookmarks, even a cat card since she knows my shop is all about cats!

You'll find birthday cards
Dachshund Funny Birthday Cards Set Of 3 With Envelopes

2 Open Door Policy Dachshund Laminated Double Sided Bookmarks

Blank Cards
Dachshund Dragon Cards Set Of 3 With Envelopes

And cool stickers
Dachshund Pocket Pawtector Stickers Two Sheets Of 20 Round

I hope you'll visit Sasha at her blog
and shop!

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  1. Sasha here. Mommy lets me post the comment. Franks a lot from mes and mommy. Us wiener dogs love a little Paw-blicity you know. Doxie kisses to you and your feline friends. :)

  2. Awwww. This was so cute, and great pics of Sasha, and a great selection of Athena's products too. I am a frequent buyer and I love their stuff!

  3. What a great feature! I love all of the items from Sasha and Athena's shop! Sasha - you are so adorable and so photogenic! I love all of the photos of you.

  4. Sasha is a beauty!! And a lucky girl to have such a wonderful Mom

    Great shop! Fantastic feature! Hope those tweets bring lots of visits to your shop!
    God Bless~

  5. Sasha, you rock! Wow, 50 tweets. At first I thought it said 50 treats and I was like, ohhh so jealous! Then mommy explained twitter to me, so thats cool too. Your mommy has a great shop, congrats on the feature here! Hannah

  6. Sasha!!! We love you! We have 2 longhaired doxies here! They say, "Dachshunds of the world unite!"

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