Sunday, May 2, 2010

Monday A-MEWS-ments

White Cat and Red Tulips - Print

Mary had a little cat whose fur was white as snow,

Follow Me - Original Art Painting on Canvas - Free Shipping

And everywhere that Mary went, the cat was sure to go.

Cat Art - MATH

It followed her to school one day; the teacher said, "how sweet!"

It's The Thought That Counts (with text - as shown) - 8.5 X 11 inch Print with Chocolate Color Background and Japanese Paper

But when she sat down at her desk, she found this DEAD beneath her seat!

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Have a MEW-velous Monday!


  1. Lol! This made me laugh ;-) I just had my Mum on the phone telling me how her cat had regurgitated some birdies onto the kitchen table for her earlier today =(

    Admittedly, my shop is rather dog-centric, but I do have a few kitty items like this wee bag for example:


  2. ha ha ha... ahhhh precious kitty presents...

    I like your story idea... very nice ! THANKS for sharing :)

  3. Thank you for including my print!


  4. Oh this is such a fung, love cats and those artist's findsa are wonderful

  5. what a wonderful idea! i love it!

  6. A cat's version of an apple for the teacher :>)

  7. great Idea! Fun, I like it:)

  8. What a clever twist on the rhyme! Such cute selections:) Thanks for including me!

  9. Thanks for stopping by the EFA Challenge blog and leaving comments. I love your selection of cat art and the spin on a familiar rhyme. Many of the ACEOs in my etsy shop feature cats: