Friday, May 21, 2010

Meet VELVET-the mostly Beagle!
This week's recipient of 50 Twitter Tweets!
Look at that sweet face!!
Velvet is the lucky taster of all her mom's baked doggie goodies that go into her Etsy store
Double Decker Peanut Butter Cookie with Peanut Butter Centers - Dog Cookies Potato Pancake with Turkey - Allergen Free Guinea Pig and Rabbit Cookies - They look ugly and they don't smell great, but...

I'm sure you will agree that these treats look like they were made for humans, not pets! Yummy!

Velvet's Arrival
by her Mom
My DH and I decided it was time to get a dog, and so we both took a "compatibility" test on Yahoo. The only breed that showed up on both our lists was a beagle. We checked online for a list of breeders in our area and found one a few hours away. This couple bred beagles for hunting. The beagles had a blue tick hound mix to them so they're a little bit bigger than the typical beagle and I think it had a crazy side effect to her disposition as well, lol. (She only thinks about food, only cares about food, only wants food, 24/7). We went to meet her and the couple was amazed that we wanted her as a family pet and tried to warn us that we weren't getting the loving, loyal pet that we had in our German Shepherd. We laughed, "she'll be great." We got her in the car. She was all excited, her little butt wagging a mile a minute, and then it hit her - we're taking her away. She cried and pooed all the way home. When we finally got her inside the house she settled in on DH's lap and decided being inside wasn't so bad. At that moment, she accepted us as her servants, uh, I mean family.

Fierce Warrior Princess
From the beginning, we've always called her a "Fierce Warrior Princess" because she puts on quite a show whenever there's anything strange, scarey or unusual, although its very tongue in cheek. The morning after we got her, my husband came out in a black bath robe. Velvet freaked out and started jumping around barking her head off ... while hiding behind me.

Another time we were strolling outside and encountered a very large cat. The cat hissed. Velvet ran back towards the front door. Once inside, she jumped onto the back of the couch, looked out the window where the cat had been and started barking like a mad dog, her bravery reaffirmed behind the safety of the window.

How to Kill aTrash bag
Her shining moment though, had to be with a trash bag. She was barking at an object floating across the lawn; a green trash bag. I went and stamped my foot on it to stop it from flying around and Velvet came running, grabbed a corner of it with her teeth and started to shake it, to "kill" it. I just loved how willing she was to attack as long it was safely subdued under my foot.

Velvet's mom, Shari, also manages the Pets Jubilee team on Etsy

AND the Petsjubilee shop where you can order pet samplers of fun goodies and toys for any pet!

Birthday Box for Dogs or Cats

You can read more about Velvet here:

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  1. Thank you so much, Patty!!! Velvet and I love it :)

  2. Velvet and her Mom rock!!!! And so do their treats!!!!

  3. I agree. Velvet and Shari are both great. This was such a fun blog to read. Shari's treats are great too. My dogs love them. I can understand Velvet's obsession.
    (I have to admit I had to try one too, they look and smell real good)

  4. Aw, Velvet is so cute! I love all the pictures and stories.

  5. Priceless! I had a good laugh over the "Fierce Warrior Princess" killing the trash bag! Velvet is indeed an adorable fur baby and she is so lucky to have you and your DH Shari!

  6. Congratulations on your new dog! I used to have a fierce hunter in my cat. She really did hunt, catch and eat furry beasts and flying prey. Doesn't sound like your furbaby will be doing anything like that, hahaha. Does sound like you'll be enjoying her for a long time, and that she has a loving home.

  7. Velvet sounds like a great girl :) I love bealges, they're awesome dogs! I have a 17 yr old red beagle and he's just as crazy and full of beans now as he was when he was 5 yrs old! LOL!

    I'd love to be featured in your Furbaby Friday blog some time! I have an etsy shop ( and I currently share my life with 2 dogs and 5 cats!

    My email address is


  8. Shari and Velvet are Awesome!! My puppies loved the treats they got from Ciaohound...and having just adopted a little doxie pup which I now realize is part beagle, this is great information for what to expect from her in the future.. ~Velvet is beautiful and a "hoot";-)

    And I'm starting to see the 24/7 food thing in my little pup too, so I guess it's time to order from Ciaohound!! God Bless you both!!

    Patti, Fantastic feature!

  9. Shari is AWESOME and I love Velvet. Thanks for sharing this with us!! Especially like the trash bag story......too funny :o)

  10. What a fabulous blog and excellent writer! However how could you go wrong with Velvet and CiaoHound!

  11. Loved hearing about Velvets antics! She sure is a special beagle and Lulu would love to play with her i'm sure!

    Lulu would also be honored to be featured!

  12. Velvet is a most adorable warrior princess and a very lucky dog! A beagle is the perfect breed to be a tate-tester! ;)

  13. I have FURRIES!!! 6 special ones I actually call my furries. :o)


    Heheheh you know where to find me. :o)

  14. thank you everyone for all the great comments :) I love Velvet to pieces and she is learning to "put up with" hugs, now. She has been an absolute joy to have around.

  15. What a great story about Velvet, I have a very large cat that we call Diesel, he is the pic on my avitar, thanks for featuring furbaby friday...

    You can find me at


  16. How fun!!!! Velvet is so cute. And she is brave, just with a bit of caution I would say.
    I love furry things. I have 4 (3 were rescued) and a tuxedo cat (rescued also)

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