Thursday, May 27, 2010

and we have kitty, kittY, kitTY, kiTTY, KITTY!
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These five babes belong to Luanne from Four are in their senior years. I asked each kitty to share a bit about themselves and their home.
Here are their stories.

Spencer is a 22 year old Flame Point Himalayan

"It's all in the mind. You're as young as you feel and even though I have a heart condition and take a daily pill , I make it a point to run and play every day. Can't let those younger seniors think I'm no fun anymore! I choose not to focus on those 13 years before my mom adopted me when my tummy hurt a lot and I was always afraid. But my new mom figured it out and now I thrive on RAW food! I LOVE it! I have the energy of a middle aged man and live a grateful life of love and luxury!"

Maxxy is an 18 Year Old Smokey Grey Cat

"Most definitely, the best day of my life was when I was 8 years old. I had been living in a cage in a pet store for a loooong time. At first I used to perk up every time someone stepped into the shop. I mewed and watched each human intently. Many came through those doors, but few took a second look into my cage. Very disheartening. I decided to quit getting my hopes up and retreated into my own little world of aloneness. One day, however, a lady came in and stayed at my cage for quite a while. My heart felt a little twinge, but I quickly rebuked it and l tried to go back into my world. Then she left. But she came back. And this time it was for ME!!!
These last 10 years have been a dream. I have a human mom and four other adopted siblings to play with and love. I have lost some weight recently and Mom is a bit concerned, but I am still her sweet boy."

Hemi is a 15 Year Old Seal Point Himalayan

"I suppose I will be honest and tell an embarrassing story. I really was not responsible for this,'ll see.
About 10 years ago I was living with a human who paid almost no attention to me. That's probably why I ate so much fur. It's akin to nail biting for humans...just a way of passing the time. The fur collected in my tummy to the point where I could no longer use the litter box. I tried, but nothing came out. It hurt a lot. Then a kitten appeared at the human's house and he almost completely ignored me. One day I heard that dreaded word that starts with Eu. I was terrified. Thankfully a friend of the human took me away and brought me to a really nice lady. She took me to the kitty doctor. I had kitty enemas. I kid you was NOT fun! And the worst part was that they didn't even work....well...not until much later when I was in my mom's bedroom. Pee-U!! I couldn't help it! It all exploded. But OHHH...what relief! Any human who still loves a cat after that is worth keeping! She grooms me, tells me how sweet and patient I am and in return, I keep the rest of my siblings in line!"
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Tiki is a 15 Year Old Calico

"I am the lucky one of the bunch. I was discovered when I was just a kitty so have almost no recollection of former unpleasant days. My mom has always been in my life as far back as I can remember. I recall being in a neighborhood with some other felines about my age, though we didn't really hang out together.
I wandered over to a house to investigate the place and search for a bite to eat. A few humans were there and I noticed one was watching me very closely. But she disappeared into the house. Wasn't long though, when I discovered a bit of tasty food nearby! It was yummy! I hung out a bit longer and boy, am I glad I did! That staring human scooped me up and took me home! She's the best! And even though I'm 15, I still feel like that kitty of long ago. I guess love will do that to you!"

Beauregard is a 6 Year Old 18 lb.Tabby

"I'm the newbie. I'm pretty well settled in here, but it's only been since last fall that I was adopted into this family. I sure didn't like watching each little kitty disappear from the pet store one by one...all going to a nice home. I wondered if anyone would want a grown up kitty. One day a lady came in with her dog. She hung out at my cage. Her dog and I had a little chat. We introduced ourselves and talked about the pet store. Then they left. Oh well. But guess what?? The next day I was out of there and in a new home with that nice dog! At first I thought I would have no friends since all the cats were so much older. I thought they would all be slow pokes and lay around all day. Boy...was I wrong! That Hemi is a pistol! She could be my great grandma but I don't like to get too close. She's got a wicked paw! I try to behave my best around her! Spencer and Maxxy are my good friends. We play and relax together. Tiki is cool, too. She didn't like me at first...maybe because I am such a giant. But now we are buds. It's just that Hemi...good thing I can still run fast! I'm loving my new home!"

Luanne with Beau

Luanne must be an amazing person. She has probably spent oodles of time and money on these lucky kitties and given them a wonderful loving home. She has two dogs as well. Her store is full of dog and cat items and she is in the process of stocking an Etsy shop as well.

Please visit her sites and help support Big on Beagles an assistance/adoption agency for beagles experiencing troubled times, located in Toronto, Canada.
She tweets @rustydawgpetpro

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  1. Such a beautiful feature - these kitty stories made me both laugh & cry at the same time! They are all so lucky to have found Laura. Jx

  2. Gorgeous cats! Beau looks very similar to 1 of my cats, Moda...

    Kim :o)

  3. What wonderful stories! I'm so glad all of these precious kitties found a great home. Their human mom must be really great!

  4. What a phenomenal story, or should I say stories!! Laura, you are truly a blessing to those gorgeous animals and they, I'm sure, are the same for you! God Bless you all!

  5. Great cat stories and so beautiful too!


  6. Loved all the stories... so marvelous to hear from the animals ! I cried through the entire thing...

    Animal love is the best :)

  7. What wonderful stories. Even a little wiener like me can enjoy the forever home coming stories. Sasha.

  8. Thanks so much for choosing my kitties for your Furbaby Friday post! I love your interviews with them and even though I know their stories, it made me cry reading them. I love my kitties!!
    Thanks again!

  9. I am all welled up! This is just soooo awesome! I love to see it when pets get adopted! Amazing feature~very beautiful cats, you KNOW they are well loved!

    Thank you for sharing this xxxoxoxoxo

  10. What great stories to share. And every one of those kitties are just beautiful. What a wonderful person to give them such a good home.

  11. I love how you told this story. Those are very lucky kitties!

  12. I was doing Saturday Blog Shopping, but scrolled down farther and found this post. Boy am I glad I did, what a wonderful woman. Now I miss my cat, she died of cancer last August. But seeing these cats get the love they deserve makes me feel better. :)

  13. I don't have any furry pets, but I just wanted to tell you how much I like the way you let the stories be told as if from the actual viewpoint of the kitties! Well done!

  14. Touching stories, beautiful animals, love happy endings :>)

  15. Those stories are the best, I love all those cats, and the owners who take care of them, I love my big Diesel, Beau reminds me of him!

  16. Thanks for all the nice comments about my cats! They're amazing creatures, so full of love and life! I can't imagine life without them!

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