Monday, July 26, 2010


Pie Face - Jigsaw Puzzle Artwork

Georgy Kitty pudding and pie

Greeting Card, Kissing Cats in Love, 5 X 7 Blank Inside

Kissed the girls

weeping kitten pocket notebook

and made them cry.

Funny Cat Watercolor Card Print/ Kitty Playtime

When the cats came out to play

Walking Cat Puzzle

Georgy Kitty ran away!

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  1. As per usual... full of wit and furr !

  2. I don't know how you do it either... It seems that each poem and pics are cuter than the one before. Tbanks for starting off my week with an Awwww :)

  3. Adorable, as always!!


  4. Hee hee - so cute.
    Loved all of the items too.

  5. "Pie Face" looks so cute - thanks for using a picture from my shop!

    There are other cute dog and cat jigsaw puzzle artwork pictures there if you would like to use those in the future.

    My friend also has a great site featuring people's pets in costume.

    Thanks again - very creative blog!

  6. You always manage to find just the right stuff! Must be because you "HAVE the right stuff!" ;-) God bless, Honey!

  7. Lovely start to the week Patty - keep it up.

  8. I almost missed my favorite Monday Mewsment! I am like the rest in awe of how you put it together and they always make me smile!

  9. Oh wow ... a blog that mainly focusses on cats! Love it :-) Julie.