Friday, July 9, 2010


Today, you get to meet one of MY pets! TOOEY! He is very outspoken and full of opinions, so he will conduct you through today's feature entirely alone!'s about time I get a page devoted to me! After all, I AM the reason this feature ever got started! I am Tooey-King of the house. Though there are two other cavies here (yes, that is the correct name) I am the only male, and I might add, the favored one. It's because I have such a feisty, fun personality. My mom can't ever walk by my container without talking to me or picking me up.

This is Andrew. He's my hero. I was in a cage in a pet store that was closing. My cage mate was a very handsome, gray and white silky guy, nice physique, blunt nose...all the good stuff. When Andrew and his mom came in, they were just 'looking'. I'd heard that before! Translated-"We don't want anything here, buddy!" But then his mom saw my cage mate. I guess she had always wanted a gray guinea pig. And then the owner said that magic word that makes humans do weird things.
Yeah. We were free with a bag of food cuz he was closing. So she said, "Ok. I'll take the gray one!" So there I was. Going to be left...all alone. No other piggie in the shop. That's when the kid stepped in. 'But, Mom! What about the other one? He's all alone now!" Then she said some mean things about me having a pointy nose, looking like a rat (how rude!) and already having two other guinea pigs at home. But the kid persisted. "You can't just leave him here! Pleeease get him! He's FREE!" And he won! So I was rescued from who knows what and brought to a new home!

It didn't take my mom long to see that I was the one with all the personality! The other guy was a big bore. Just sat around and looked sleek. But not me! I ran loops in the living room, talked to humans, was little ( I still am little!) and won everybody over. Here I'm playing peek-a-boo.

Sometimes I get myself into trouble...BIG trouble! But it's not every day that you get to see something like THIS enter your turf! I HAD to look! Thankfully, he decided I was too small and hairy to bother with...WHEW!!

And this is one of my favorite things-going for car rides!! I LOVE it! I have no idea what's out there, but I stick my nose up and try to get a whiff of everything we pass. I get to wander all over the seat and explore for crumbs. It's just the best!

OK. This is embarrassing. Isn't this supposed to be a private thing? YUCK! Come on, Mom. Can't we take this one out???

Isn't she cute??? I know I'm only going on 3 years, but I am the very proud grandpa of this fine looking very athletic granddaughter, Roll! Her sister is Tuck. She actually climbs out of her cage ALL the time-just pulls her little body up and over the sides! Haha! Her humans had to get a larger cage with very high sides.

And here we are all together in the pool (tub). My sisters Thea and CG, who were rescues, and I are all taking a swim. We look like little bullets zooming through the ocean. Great exercise! Gotta keep up my good looks ya know!

So there's the scoop! I just love being here. I have many friends and even my mom admits that I was far superior to my cage mate and is so happy I'm here. You know how that makes me feel???
And here's a secret. She has this online shop, CatCalls. But she has NO cats! Only guinea pigs! Actually, she's not allowed cuz the humans who own this place don't allow them. And honestly, I'm pretty happy about that. I just might be mistaken for a rat again!

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  1. Aw - cute critters! how fun and great that you rescued them all!

  2. How wonderful!! I learned all about guinea pigs. I was clueless about them... Didn't know they swim or go for car rides lol That bath photo is too funny! And Andrew is very cute -- thank goodness for him and his compassion. I just love your blog and look forward to Fridays for this feature :)

  3. Hurray it's Friday, and I get to enjoy some furbabies as well.
    I love the picture of Tooey and your son.
    I had guinea pigs way back when and didn't know they could swim or that they should get baths. Love that picture too.

  4. I have to agree with the above comments I always thought they were cute but never knew much about them. This was a adorable close up on your furbabies and made a great read. Thanks for the cuddly thoughts and the interesting info. One day if I have less in the way of kitties our home may have to have one :)

  5. Tooey is great! And so is his Mom and son who decided he should come home with his cage mate! Looks can only get you so far, but it's the personality that counts...and Tooey's got it! God bless!

  6. Awwww, Tooey and all your piggies are adorable!! It almost makes me want one. Maybe I'll buy one for our grandson Eli, surely his daddy would have to let him keep a piggy if it was a gift. :) We have very fond memories of our piggy Herbie!

  7. aww i LOVE this post it makes me so happy to see a fellow guinea pig owner :D I love guinea pigs and had one when I was younger and I can't wait till i am out of college and can get my own my dad doesn't like pets and my previous guinea pig I shared at my cousins house but would help out with responsibilities since i was there every day. love love love your post :)

    happy friday

  8. What a great post. I had a white long haired guinea pig. He was shy of 4 pounds. These little piggies are very unique. Oliver loved apples, but wouldn't eat them unless the peel was cut off. He ate the peel first, then the carrot and then the apple slice. They're quarky little pets. I was fortunate to be there when he was born and brought him home a few weeks later. He was like a little cottonball running around his cage.

  9. I love this sweet commentary from Tooey! He really knows how to tell a good tale. I totally enjoyed it.

    Thanks Tooey!♥♥♥

  10. Awww. I love the little piggies. They are so cute. Sasha would like to "play" with them a bit she says. But, not sure what her version of play might be. heehee.

  11. Thanks for inviting me into your home> I enjoyed the commentary, I feel like was right there.
    They are so cute, and very lucky to have such a nice Mommy

  12. FABULOUS write up !!!

    He's right... he does have BIG personality. lol :) Thanks for sharing Patty !

  13. Patty - that's so great! Tooey, you are wonderful! What a fun friend to have at home :)

  14. Tooey is the man! Gets me up and out to comment when I see his face and name :D!!
    lovely Mom, by the way ;)
    hugs and love to you Patty! and to the entire family & Tooey, of course!

  15. I had no idea guinea pigs went on car rides or swam. The car ride picture is one of my favs...sooo cute!

  16. So lovely to meet Tooey! & I'd no idea you didn't have any cats ;-)

  17. what a sweetie! are I reckon that 'good' looks aren't everything, that's for sure :)
    personality is far more important!

  18. Oh wow!! He is so cute! And so are the others. Love how they squeel when talked to. Looks like he loves the camera. Thanx for sharing :)

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