Friday, July 23, 2010


Today we meet a wonderful family of rescued pets who now live in a loving home with five children. Tammy has an Artfire and Etsy shop where she sells beautiful handmade knitted items. She will receive 50 FREE TWEETS next week! Here is her story!

"We have the best Mom in the world!"
Buddy & Mattie

We are a family that sincerely believes in the success of adoption! Along with our five children, we have 2 dogs, 1 bird, and 3 cats that came to us through adoption. It all began when my children and I started volunteering at a local animal shelter. We found our first dog, Buddy, down there. Buddy was covered in matted fur, smelled like very old bread, and had sores on his belly and chest. He was due for euthanization the following week. We brought him home, clipped and cleaned him, put him on a special diet, and after about 8 weeks he was like a whole new dog. We found out through the vet that he was part Yorkie and part Schnauzer. We’ve had Buddy for the last year and a half.

"Yeah-I'm talkin' to you!"

Buddy likes to “talk” to people. Everyone thinks he is so mean and vicious, because he will yip and howl in response to greetings. He really just wants to join in on the conversation! Once people realize that he has happy barks, they talk to him. He wags his little stub of a tail and is in his own element.

"This is what it feels like to be loved!"

In August of last year our county brought down a puppy mill. All of the dogs and puppies were brought to the shelter. Amongst those was the most adorable Yorkie girl I’d ever seen. When we first met Mattie, she was jumping up and down, tongue hanging out, and just so happy. Mattie follows me all over the place, never leaving my side. If I close her out of a room, she will lay by the door until I come back.

"Hey, Ma....FOOOOD! Hurry it up there!"

Tigress & Spooky

"I was here first!"


We also have our cockatiel, Captain Jack Sparrow, and our three cats, Spooky, Tigress, and Sapphire. Captain Jack was on and we fell in love with him. After a very long trip across the state of Georgia and back, he’s been with us for the last three months. Jack likes to laugh. Whenever I laugh out loud, he will squawk “Ah, ha ha ha!” Spooky and Tigress were adopted from our groomer, who had rescued them when they were dropped off in his yard. He was allergic to cats, but took care of the kittens until they were old enough to be adopted. Sapphire was also the result of a dropped off mamma cat, but she was dropped in our neighborhood. We took in Sapphire after her momma disappeared. Our cats are all little comedians, loving and entertaining us whenever they can. They are all three about the same age, and the best of friends. They look out for each other and play their funny games each morning. Spooky likes to ambush the girls, usually by hiding on top of the banister and “dropping” in on them when they least expect it.

"Ahhhh....this is the rescued life. God bless my family."

There are so many wonderful things to be said about rescuing animals! I cannot tell you of a time when it was a mistake that we adopted. These animals all need care, and not everyone can afford to take care of the multitude that we do. There are many considerations, such as space, food, and vets. If we could not care for so many, we would not have them. Adoption is great, responsible adoption is better! Sometimes it is like a zoo around here. But most of the time we just feel really blessed to have our animal friends, sharing life and love with us. Never underestimate how much you can mean to one creature.


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"We strive to bring you knits that are uncommon as well as beautiful."

Angel Dreams Nightie

Blue Lace Camisole

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  1. What a great story, and great pictures. I want to add, and never underestimate what a pets love can do for us. The give and take of owning and caring for a pet is priceless and rewarding. I am so glad there are people like Tammy to rescue some of the many unfortunate animals out there.
    Also, I love that cute little blue top.

  2. Such a sweet story and lucky pets. Thanks for sharing. Having a little trouble typing as my cat thinks she is more important than the keyboard!

  3. Buddy, Mattie, Tigress, Spooky, Sapphire & Captain Jack are so lucky to be cared for by Tammy & her family. The photos are adorable, especially the one of Mattie & Tammy's wee girl together - aaaaaaw! ;-)

  4. Great story! Even better loving family ;-) So wonderful to see a family that keeps growing out of love for abandoned, neglected animals...and even ones that aren't ;-) Off to check out the shop and blog! God Bless~

  5. My step mom, Gloria, who just passed away on May 28, had a dog and cat rescue at her home in the Pocono Mountains. We spoke weekly and she always said that she wished she could rescue all the animals in the world. I feel the same way. We have 2 kitties, Mango and Inky from the shelter-they were adult when we adopted them and my little red mini pinscher, Chichi, who I rescued off the streets in a city in NJ.
    I have to phrase Gloria and say that I wish I could rescue every living creature who needs a safe haven.


  6. God has blessed you richly with so much love! So happy for you, and esp for the furry critters you're Mom to.. that's awesome! Hearted your shop; your work is gorgeous!


  7. What a wonderful post! It is so rewarding to find others that share the need to rescue needy animals. I have four dogs, three of them rescues, plus a bird, so I love hearing these stories of multiple pets. We are all blessed with much love :)

  8. Such a happy post, very much enjoyed reading it!

  9. What a wonderful post about Tammy's family. Her children are blessed to grow up with so many animals and to learn of responsible animal owning. Sapphire is so beautiful and has a lovely name. She reminds me of one of my childhood adopted cats. Our's was a very small cat and she was named Dolly.

  10. Thanks for all of the wonderful comments and for taking the time to write up this blog! We truly are just so blessed to have our animal family members. We used to sign all of the names on the Christmas cards, but now we just put Love Us All, with a bunch of paw prints and hearts!

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