Friday, July 16, 2010

Meet Gus and Franklin! These two fun kitties belong to Laura from
I met Laura on twitter, but got to know her much better when she asked me to make a long snakey toy for Gus. Thus, the SNAKEY MOUSE was invented! And boy! Has it added some fun to my shop! I've gotten the BEST pictures of happy cats playing with their toys!
And it's all because of this lovely lady who adores her two furbabies!

Gus & Franklin

Both of my boys came from the pet store. Franklin was itty bitty and not quite six weeks old. Someone had dropped off a litter of six kittens and he was the smallest of the batch. When I walked by the cage, he reached out and snagged my shirt with his claws. Then he did a little dancing floor show for me and started yowling. I knew I belonged to him at that point. He turned twelve last Valentine's Day, and is strictly my boy, protective like a possessive dog. He sleeps on my head every night.

Gus was six months old when I got him. He had just been dropped off at the pet store too, and when I picked him up, he snuggled under my chin and just went limp and started purring like an outboard motor. He has the loudest purr I have ever heard, and is so sweet tempered, goofy and lovable. The fluff monster turned eleven on St. Patrick's Day, and he is gigantic!

Yep, that's me! I told my mom I needed a Snakey Mouse more than Franklin, but she thought I wasn't interested. HAH!!

Cat Toy/Snakey Catnip Mouse

Me and Snakey Mouse are best friends!

I'm practicing the official cat stare for Halloween...

Ooooo, a present! For me???

These cats make me laugh every single day. Franklin is very vocal, and always lets me know what he wants. He loves ribbon and long snakey toys, like the snakey mouse. Although he is a little slinky cat, he will get up on his hind feet and hiss at people, like a rabid prairie dog. Grown men have been intimidated by him.

Gus puts his toys in the food and water dish. Also, in the garbage disposal, the bathtub and the toaster. He will try to sleep in the tiniest box, and likes to pull the towels down out of the linen closet so he can sleep on them.

I must be a good kitty to get ANGEL food! But I don't think it helps Gus to lighten up and fly ...

Both will kill you for angel food cake or yogurt.

Oh be quiet!

Having them in my life is a true gift, because they bring me so much joy.

Laura's Etsy shop is PACKED with some of the most creative interesting jewelry I have seen. Each piece has a warmth and character and seems to have its own story to tell.
Elegant cat earrings, with brass kitty charms and black crystals

Enamelled retro owl bracelet, with glass beads and pearls

Silver sand dollar earrings with gray glass pearls

Her prices are VERY reasonable and you're sure to find something for any occasion for you or a friend. Make sure you stop by often! She's always inventing new beauties!

Laura also has a blog that she posts on regularly full of fun, fashion, people, and Gus and Franklin!

And finally, she is a loyal Tweeter and you can find her here:

Cat Toy/Snakey Catnip Mouse

FURBABY FRIDAY is dedicated to our much loved furry (or not so furry!) animal friends that enrich our lives and world and make us better people!
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  1. Gus and Franklin seem like so much fun to live with :) Its so great that they chose you!

  2. I love the feature. I love the story. I love the kitties. I also checked out her store. Great jewelry and I have my eye on those kitty earrings. :-)

  3. Gus and Franklin are so handsome! What a wonderful feature on Laura's shop.

  4. I loved meeting Gus and Franklin and their mommy's jewelry is lovely!!

  5. Just started following you. =) Gus & Franklin are beautiful....or should i say handsome. I have twin sister tortoise shell fur babies, Princess Tippy Tail (med. hair) & Queen Jewely Jewel (long hair). I also have my eye on those kitty earrings. I love them. You can find me at

    Hope you have an awesome weekend!!! <><

  6. What a great feature! Look at my beautiful, camera ham kitties. Do you think they might be just a tiny bit spoiled? Nah. Thanks so much for this. It's made my day.

  7. Beautiful Feature. Gus & Franklin sound like a fun pair to have around. & I must say her jewelry is beautiful :0)

  8. This feature is so great. Love the kitties and they are so funny. Sasha wants to know how come kitties get yogurt and angelfood, but I don't?

  9. I love these stories and how people connect with their beloved pets.


  10. Gus and Franklin are adorable. Franklin looks like our Pokey. She lived to be 23! Great shop.

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