Thursday, July 1, 2010

Meet Big Mac, Molly, and Moxie-the three 'Angelpups' that inspired their mom, Kelly, to open her Etsy shop!
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Molly, Big Mac, and Moxie

I was actually searching for a cockapoo puppy when I found Big Mac in June of 2006 after researching for over a year. I searched the local shelters, investigated local breeders and found nothing. After exhaustive research, I found a breeder in Missouri. If you've never seen a 6-8 week old cockapoo puppy, they are essentially a ball of fluff...a miniature teddy bear, looking fragile and dainty-but not Big Mac! This name was given to him by the breeder who listed his weight at 8 lbs.! In his picture, he was sitting right up, looking at the camera with a bandana around his neck.

"Okay, here I am. I'm ready to come home. Let's get this show on the road!"

After seeing his picture, I called immediately and was told the earliest he could be flown to me in New England was a week later on a Wednesday.....which just happened to be my birthday! Clearly this puppy was meant to be mine and a week later he was!

Big Mac and I were inseparable, and my children let me know that they believed I loved the dog more than them! But whenever I left the room, I would sneak a peek only to find them cuddling the puppy and fighting over who he loved more!

Eventually, the breeder’s “label” proved right. Big Mac WAS a big pup! Although his profile had said he’d be 15-25 lbs., he is at this time a very healthy 42 lbs!

In December of 2008, I was out 'sweater hunting' for Big Mac. It gets very cold in New England and for a dog who has just had a crew cut, a sweater can be a necessity! After searching in vain for the right size, while driving past a dingy little pet store, I stopped to see if they might have something. Even though I knew it was highly unlikely they would have what I was looking for, I believe God was looking down and making sure I stopped. When I walked in, the first thing I saw was a matted, mangy-looking dirty white ball of fluff in a tiny cage who just happened to be in the midst of a bowel movement. (That's the polite thing to say!) It's back was to me but it's head spun around at the sound of the door opening and the look in it's eyes screamed,

"I'm almost done! PLEASE don't leave without me!"

I was heartbroken. I immediately turned and left. I was newly separated, trying to manage a home and all it's expenses alone and it was Dec. 7th, just weeks before Christmas. I got in my car and drove home crying the whole way and praying to God that someone would miraculously come to buy that little puppy. At home, I told my daughter, then 17-years old and the least of the animal lovers in my home, that I thought I needed to go back and get this puppy. I expected her to say "No Way!" but instead, after describing what happened she wanted to know more about the puppy. She went to the pet store herself, and when she returned she informed me that the puppy was a girl, 5 1/2 months old, and a cockapoo! She had been in that cage for 3 1/2 months, had never

been named, and was "on sale" (

a euphamism for "on the chopping block")! We rushed back and found the paperwork completed. I asked for the age again, but instead was told her birthday. A

nd guess what??! It just happened to be MY birth date and the date that we received Big Mac! God knew all along that this was MY puppy!

After a visit to the vets,

they informed me that Molly had every possible problem you could have....raging double ear infections, kennel cough, intestinal parasites, and more!

I was given a truckload of medications and told I would have to quarantine her from all other animals in my house for seven days!! In the end, it proved to be a blessing as it gave Big Mac the chance to visit with Molly through the gate and grow extremely curious until the seventh day.

My daughter called me at work that day to say she couldn't stand it anymore and had let them out together and they were having a ball! I won't lie and say Big Mac was immediately accepting, but he sure did warm up to her real quick!

2 1/2 happy years passed and during that time I began volunteering at The Animal Shelter, Inc. The shelter is closed on Mondays and they receive transports of puppies from Virginia, Tennessee, Puerto Rico, etc. When they arrive, they are scared, dirty, and sometimes just plain stressed! We get them off the transport, set them up in kennels and then bathe and dry each puppy (sometimes as many as 35+) before feeding them and getting them ready to see the vet. We get to play with them, hold them, and calm them so they know they are in good hands. About six weeks ago, they had 39 puppies come in. There are some small cat cages right next to the bathing area, and as I began to carry up the big labs, hounds, and shepherd mixes, I noticed one little, teeny, weeny red dachshund mix in one of the cat cages. She had been placed there for the time being because she was so small (6 lbs.) and had no litter-mates with her. She had transported up from Tennessee alone. As I carried each new puppy up to the bathing area, her eyes followed me. And they said the same thing that Big Mac and Molly's eyes had said:

"Okay. I'm yours. Let's get the paperwork started!"

I played with her in between carrying the bigger pups up for their baths....her paper collar had a single name written in marker on it...Moxy. I learned that someone else had also been looking at her and wanted to come on Memorial Day to see her.

Thankfully, the shelter has a first come, first served policy for those who are fit to adopt. So Moxie (as I spell it now) became mine!

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Today, Big Mac, Molly,and little Moxie live happily in their New England home. To follow the adventures of this family, see fun videos of the pups, and read inspirational posts, visit Kelly's blog.

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  1. Patty! I am in awe of how wonderfully you told our story!! I can not believe what a fabulous feature you have given us (although I shouldn't be surprised because I KNOW the kind of work you do!!) This is truly amazing and we are eternally grateful for all of your support since the day we first connected in the forums! Thank you so much!
    God Bless~

  2. What sweet puppies!!! Loved reading your story! You sound like me, can't say no to those big, doggy eyes! =)

  3. Me thinks I have read this happy story before somewhere, but I do loves hearing it again. Good to hear when my fellow puppers find their forever homes. Oh, and Miss Moxie you are growing up so fast. Sasha.

  4. It made me cry -- in a good way :) What a wonderful story! Wasn't Big Mac a darling puppy, and so good that you saw the beauty hiding in Molly at the pet store. I have a dachshund mix that looked much like Moxie as a puppy. I HAD to have him also, so I know the feeling -- I think it's their eyes, too :)

  5. Ohhhhhh! These love stories are just soooo sweet!!


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  7. I have read this story before and it still brought tears to my eyes all over again. Such a wonderful story and now you have added Moxie to the mix.
    I think it is all in the eyes, if you just stop and look.
    Ladies, you have done a wonderful job, with the story and the pictures.
    I also contest that Kelly's shop is great as she has made a custom slate for me as well.

  8. Such a wonderful story/stories! You were all clearly meant to be together.

  9. What a beautiful feature on these pups and Kelly & a great story of how Mac, Molly & Moxie came into your her life. I love reading stories like these. I awwwed & laughed.

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