Monday, March 14, 2011

Puppies and Kitties and Rodents...OH MY! 

In honor of our 15th birthday, Petfinder is asking people everywhere to pledge to spread the word online about adoptable pets today, March 15, 2011. Just click the picture to find out more!

Petfinder Adopt-the-Internet Day

I've listed a few of the adoptable pets near me in north east Ohio. But if you click on a picture, you will be at Petfinder and can type in your own zipcode. I have two adopted guinea pigs from the Akron Humane Society. And I just now found little Crystal as I was preparing this. Maybe I will take my boys on a field trip for homeschool! A fouth guinea pig is hardly anymore work!

Pikachu: Domestic Short Hair, Cat; Russell Township, OH


Domestic Short Hair Mix: An adoptable cat in Russell Township, OH

Smokey: Domestic Short Hair, Cat; Russell Township, OH


Domestic Short Hair Mix: An adoptable cat in Russell Township, OH

Rocky: Terrier, Dog; Russell Township, OH


Terrier/Jack Russell Terrier Mix: An adoptable dog in Russell Township, OH

Eragon: Greyhound, Dog; Chagrin Falls, OH


Greyhound: An adoptable dog in Chagrin Falls, OH

Crystal: Guinea Pig, Guinea Pig; Russell Township, OH


Guinea Pig: An adoptable guinea pig in Russell Township, OH

(Thinking.......hmmmmmm....awfully cute!)

Or perhaps a goat is your cup of tea! I've had numerous goats and they are excellent pets!
Sierra: Goat, Goat; Russell Township, OH


Goat: An adoptable goat in Russell Township, OH

PETFINDER! The place to find your FURever friend! 


  1. Petfinder has been around for awhile and “Adopt the Internet” supports a great cause. It is important for your Visitors to know about – The Pet Search Engine.™ as well.

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  2. Awesome info Patty. Goats make good pets and lawn mowers, too. Too bad not allowed where I am. They just had major issues about pet chickens here. I can imagine they would have a cow over a pet goat. heehee.

  3. YAY!! You have featured some really great furbabies!

    I just tweeted and facebooked this! Thanks for helping to spread the word!

  4. Yay Petfinder! Awesome of you to spread the word to help thees adorable animals!

  5. A new baby? How exciting!! I can't wait to see -- let us know as soon as you can :) I wish I had room to adopt even one more... Have fun this afternoon :)

  6. Beautiful adoptable pets.
    And maybe a new baby for you? And new girl friend for Tooey? LOL