Sunday, March 27, 2011

Andrew is going to Regionals! 
Here are a few of his routines from his Level 9 State meet in Plain City, OH on March 26th. 

Vault...he usually can't land this...but this day he did, for his best score all year!

Parallel Bar Routine

High Bar....4th place, his highest place.

Floor Routine 

My video of his Ring Routine was at a bad angle, but it was a nice one. And his least he made to Regionals! Better luck next time on that one!
Regionals are April 15 -16. He will have to excel to move on to Nationals. 

Great job, Andrew!
And great coaching from his brother, Judah!


  1. Aww, he is pretty good. Sasha is impressed. All she can manage to do is jump onto couch cushions. heehee. Hope he goes far with his skills.

  2. You GO! Andrew!!! Congrats on going to Regionals! Thanks for sharing the videos of his routines too! We he makes it big we can say 'we saw him when'! :-))

  3. Way to go Andrew!! Looked magnificent to me :)
    Mom must be so proud of you and all your family!!
    Great shots, Patty - loved seeing these :)

  4. This was GREAT! He looks fantastic! Such a cute boy and so athletic :) I'm so proud for all of you!

  5. Thank you all! When he found out that the gym would do a fundraiser to get him to Nationals if he made it, he really got all the more motivated!

  6. CONGRATS ! I really enjoyed watching the vids :) Made me feel somewhat tired... especially after hauling a bunch of firewood. tee hee :) Way to go & best wishes...

  7. Congrats Andrew for making it to Regionals. You look great out there. The high bar is amazing and scary looking.
    Good look at Regionals.
    Patty, you must be so proud!

    Gianna says now that she has mastered her doggie steps she can try this too.

  8. Good luck Andrew and Judah! Great job!
    Andrew sure has the balance thing down!

    Congrats to you all!