Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday A-MEWS-Ments 

This little kitty went to market

This little kitty stayed home

This little kitty had watermelon

This little kitty had none

And this little kitty grumbled all the way home! 

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  1. Another great one Patty. Very cute. Love the pictures too, esp the one with the watermellon.

  2. Hard to spot the invisible kitty in the first picture ! Poor grumbly kitty probably has an upset tummy ?

  3. Adorable!! :) Thanks so much for including my kitty in the poem....

  4. I think the kitty that didn't have watermelon was quite lucky considering kitties aren't supposed to eat watermelon! :)

  5. Can cat eat watermelon?that was my first reaction.
    That watermelon kitty is so cute

  6. Art and Sew Forth, you've won! Sorry for posting here, but I couldn't find your e-mail address. Thank you for entering last week's drawing on the CAST blog. This week's post can be found here:

    And the item you won is listed in last week's post here:

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    By the way, what an a-mews-ing post. I love kitties. When I grow old, I will have eight or ten cats and they will call me "the crazy old cat lady." :o)

    Cheryl (