Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ending 2011 with a crashed car!

What a great way to end the year...without a car! But I guess I would rather end a year with a totaled car than to begin a year with one!

It happened Tuesday night. It was the first snow of the year. Living in the snow belt of Ohio, this is a rare occurrence as we have usually been buried a few times by now. 

I  let my wonderful son (who is highly disguised to protect his identity!) use my car. All was well ....

UNTIL it started to snow.

Roads got covered in slippery, wet, slop

A little slipping...

a little sliding......

a little big telephone pole in the wrong place....

and car loses to telephone pole and lands in ditch. 

Bye bye 1994 Toyota Corolla. We had good times....lots of miles....little repair required....good were awesome.  I will miss you...terribly.

Younger brother with nice shiner....

And so I happily say goodbye 2011 - hello 2012....but how will I get to work on Monday???


  1. Its with a sad heart that I say goodbye to your car :( It has served you well! So glad once again that all are okay -- that IS a shiner on the forehead, but will heal :) Here's hoping you find another that will be as dependable!

  2. WHOA!!!! :-( I'm glad, at least, that there wasn't a serious injury. Those first snowfalls can really be dangerous!!...YIKES! Nice (not) shiner too!...CAREFUL!!!!

  3. the car made it longer than you asked it to, if i remember correctly. your son gets mad props for the shiner. it's so hard to say goodbye.

  4. Oh Patty, so sorry about the car. So sad. A pretty car indeed.
    But as we all said, thank God everyone is alright, and the shiner will go too.
    Good luck to you as you work through your carlessness.

  5. I am so sorry about the car as well but thankfully both boys are ok!

  6. Ow...we are sorry about your car but glad everyone is okay.

    You can use bus for a while ;)

  7. Bummer - but at least there were no serious injuries. It's always something. Hopefully you can get a replacement that's even better.

  8. I'm with you sista'... better to end the year than begin it with one. So grateful that your sons are safe and thankfully, bruises heal.

    Maybe the car can get sold for parts ? Toyota parts can be quite expensive (i used to have a corolla). At any rate- may the NY bring you a replacement car or a loaner before you are due back to work. Buy a lotto ticket ? Good luck with that, Patty !!!