Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Cats and Dogs in Watercolor and Ink

I hope you have been busy with new projects! Here's some of my recent art from Catcalls and Dogbarks to start the New Year! Click on any picture for more info!

This one is self explanatory! 

"I ♥ U"

"Happy Kitties"

"Love One Another"

"Greyhound Moon"


  1. just wonderful!!!! I love the first kitty and the Greyhound the most...I just shared this link with a woman who writes a wonderful blog and she owns Greyhounds!!

  2. Thank you, Caren!! The greyhound one is my fave! I think they are the funniest dogs!

  3. *giggle*...I have some commonality with a couple of these. I'm not saying which ones! ^_^

  4. I love the Greyhound Moon one! That's awesome!

  5. They are all wonderful :) but I really like the first one.
    Happy new year Catcalls :)