Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Charlie Brown and The Guinea Pig

Yes - Charlie Brown and the Guinea Pig. 

You all know this tree. Sad, wimpy, a loser, if trees are classified as such. 
And yet this tree probably graces more households this year than ever before and will become one of most remembered in years to come. I know it will for me. 

I have a wonderful husband who loves me more than anything. We both knew we were going to get a Charlie Brown tree this year. I had planned on going to a local field to try to find a scrawny 2 foot something that would suffice. But he said he would go to his parents and bring one back. I said that would be fine, of course. And so in the interest of eco-friendliness, he and his dad enjoyed a moment of father-son togetherness as they picked out this dandy, dug it up, and placed it in a biodegradable pot so we could give it to someone else to plant in the hard frozen ground when we are finished with it.  
(click photo to see a larger version)

I have decided to call it Herman because "Her" (that's me) "man" (that's hubbs), got it for me. 

This is Violet, my guinea pig. Isn't she sweet looking?

Don't let that face fool you!

She can be WILD!

I have 5 guinea pigs that each have their own cage. Violet and her son share the table top where Herman now sits. So I placed her underneath my desk on the rails. 

I have had several piggies sit here with no trouble....

until NOW! This is what I came home to after running. She apparently was doing a little running of her own! But I will commend her for staying IN her cage in spite of the opportunity to run off!


And while I am on the subject of guinea pigs....

I received these lovely prints from my dear friend and Petsjubilee teammate, Pauline from PaulinesFashions on Etsy. I LOVE them! 

Thank you, Pauline! I love you!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas whether you have a Charlie Brown one or not! And try to stay out of trouble....


  1. Now wastn't she a good girl to stay put? lol I love your tree -- and realized just this year that the tree doesn't affect my Christmas at all. A very freeing thought :) I think yours is a perfect reminder of true love -- between you and your husband and he and his father. The best Christmas tree 'statement' that can possibly be made :)

  2. Oh! I've already cried at the gift you got from Pauline -- happy tears of course. And then again this morning when K received your gift. I love love love the guinea pig prints! My gosh but they are perfect! You are so special, Patty!

  3. Patty, I bet she had her own little adventure while you were gone and when she heard you coming she went back to the box to look all inocent. heehee.

    Love the Charlie Brown tree. :) Just need a little piggie ornament ball to hang off one side of it. heehee.

  4. I agree with Sasha. Violet ran around till she heard the door open, then appeared a pure as her white fur. Looks can be deceiving. So adorable.

    I love the tree. I love everything about it. How it can to be at your home, it's name, it's future, everything.

  5. your tree is lovely! the labeling makes it even better, but the hubby & his dad digging it up give it something more special. thank you for sharing herman with us.

    violet is cuter than cute.

  6. Lovely to get a Violet update, she's pretty as snow :)
    Can't wait to open up my dogs tonight and I was kinda wondering about what i would dig up for a tree by then. I'll take a pic if i ever figure it out...
    Happy Solstice and Merry Christmas, dear Patty !

  7. hahahahaha @Violet

    I think Herman is adorable! And twice as special as a big, purchased tree. Happy holidays! :)

  8. Wishing y'all a very merry Christmas.

    Hawk aka BrownDog

  9. Ow...love seeing your Guinea pig again :) Miss them so much