Monday, August 15, 2011

Monday MEWsings Picks from the Cat Avis Unite Team!

Over at the Cat Avis Unite Team on Etsy, we share our new listings with one another. After PURRusing this fine feline friend's shop this week, I decided I MUST show it off on Monday MEWsings! So meet Lilybellesjewels! You will love her jewelry and cute works of art, many of them cat themed after her dear kitty, Lily Belle.  But you will also see the following at the top her page, which is another reason why I wanted to highlight her shop. It is only a portion of the announcement which is well worth reading in its entirety. It ends with the quote. 

Welcome to our shop! Lily Belle and I would like to mention that 10% of all sales will be donated to Mt. Olive TNR Project, a tiny Flanders NJ based group that is doing amazing work on a very small budget, and a small circle of very dedicated volunteers who are making a huge difference in the lives 
of feral colonies in their area.

"The smallest feline is a masterpiece". 
-- Leonardo da Vinci

All of the pieces in this shop have been pronounced "the cats meow" by Lily Belle herself! Enjoy your PURRusings! 

Remember that your purchase helps improve the lives of kitties!


  1. Thank you so very much for featuring my shop. I am delighted, and very, very flattered. The plight of Feral cats is such an important issue. I can't tell you how very much I appreciate your feature. Bringing public attention to Trap, Neuter and Return programs that benefit not only the cats themselves, but also the community in which they live is so very important. Thank you for providing a platform for that in your wonderful blog. Incidentally Lilybelle says thank you also. She wants you to know that your blog definitely receives her very coveted 5 paw award.

  2. Excellent choice! Absolutely love the shop and the fact Lilybelle is so dedicated to helping the cats as well.

  3. Lilybelle's shop is wonderful, and it so nice to see others who help out our animal friends.

  4. Great shop, needless to say I love the black cat at the top. Glad to see others who help cats.

  5. Ohh such cute stuff and great help- I'm heading over there!

  6. Lovely features! I really like the kitty bracelet!