Saturday, August 20, 2011

An Unexpected 4 Legged Drop In

I cannot have cats where I live. So I content myself with making things for cats and that are cat-themed. But God must know how I feel at times, because twice in the last month I have had visitors. I have no screen on my back door so I often  leave it open for a breeze. Here is my interpretation of what happened several days ago. 


Hmmmm.....what is this? An open door? I must investigate. Oh - itch. Must scratch...ahhhhh.

Isn't this nice. A cozy cushy. Smells OK. Don't sense any other occupants of the fur nature. I'll make sure to give it quite a few rubs and leave some pretty black hairs.  

AhHA! There IS another cat here! Why....but wait.  It's only a fake. HA! Fooled me. I'll just check out the rest of this place. Not very big at all. Nice lady though. She gave me some good belly rubs and talked very respectfully as she held a funny silver thing in her face. 

I'm feeling a bit hungry. Nice pad, but no treats. Toodles my friend. I may be back. 
(Moseys into the yard where he immediately finds a plump grasshopper for a snack.)


I hope I get some more visitors! 


  1. Ha! Ha! Nice cat translation! :-) And Awwww! :-( You can't have cats?! Somehow that just doesn't seem right!!!

  2. Hope you do get more visitors. My husband (who always used to make with the cat jokes) and I are agreed that people who hate cats don't know cats.

  3. If you can't have cats, it's nice to have a visitor now and again, especially one so pleasant and well mannered as your guest!

    Happy Sunday!

  4. Thank you all....this is actually the second cat that has popped in to see me. Makes me feel good! I wonder if they can sense they are welcome? The first one just seemed embarrassed and walked out - wouldn't even turn when I called back to him! Just kept strolling along...

  5. That black cat is beautiful. Someone else might own him.

    Why can't you have cats?