Monday, October 25, 2010


The Stare Feline Faces II

Monday's cat is fair of face,

Grace the Kitty - On Sale - Was 22.00

Tuesday's cat is full of grace,

Kitty Print by Tammy Gravina
Wednesday's cat is full of woe,

Cat Carpool Fine Art Mini Print
Thursday's cat has far to go,

MEOW PURR - Gorgeous Kitty Cup/Vase

Friday's cat is loving and giving,

Working Girl...8 x 10 glossy print

Saturday's cat must work for a living,

Tibbles Plays Acoustic

But the cat that's born on the Sabbath day
Is fair and wise and likes to play!

Thank you for reading Monday A-MEWS-ments! Please support fellow kitty lovers by clicking each picture to see the shops, leaving a comment here, or purchasing! If you have kitty items in your shop, please leave a comment with your shop address so I can check it out and possibly use something for another A-MEWS-ments feature!


  1. Again, purrfecto as always!! heehee.

  2. This one is my favorite so far :) That poor Wednesday cat looks SO full of woe! You found the perfect items for each line -- wonderful :)

  3. LOVE!!! I'd love even if I wasn't featured. Thank you so much for including my little painting The Stare. :D

  4. These are SO adorable!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE :)

  5. I love your endings - they're always a surprise. And I want to give Wednesday's cat a big hug!

  6. Oh WOW!! This is SO AWESOME, it's Absolute PURRRR-fection. I am Honored and so grateful to be featured on your Rockin' Blog with my kitty cup in this FUNtastic Post, I love them all....Thank You Patty and I'll be following your kitty adventures from now on!!
    :) Kristin

  7. How do you do this? Purr-fect again. And I love the items you have chosen.
    Don't you just love Mondays?

  8. cool cats!


  9. Love the kitties. I had to put my male down of 11 yrs in Sept, however had a loving replacement, Callie, black & yellow calico. Would love to send a pic sometime. I have a etsy site, , no kitties on there "yet", would enjoy stopping by to muse your A-Mews-ments. Kristin love is a friend on fb that's how I got to see your arts & pics!Thanks ;) hcg/MJ

  10. An adorable collection of Kitties! Thanks so very much for including my Cat Carpool print!

  11. That was so much fun! Great post! :)