Friday, October 8, 2010


A little different post today. This is a furbaby I WOULD have if I could!

A CAPYBARA! YEP - a rodent.

Capybaras have heavy, barrel-shaped bodies and short heads with reddish-brown fur on the upper part of their body that turns yellowish-brown underneath. Adult capybaras may grow to 4.3 ft in length, and weigh up to 140 lbs. Capybaras have slightly webbed feet, no tail, and 20 teeth. Their back legs are slightly longer than their front legs and their muzzles are blunt with eyes, nostrils, and ears on top of their head. Females are slightly heavier than males. Females: 80 to 145 pounds. Males: 75 to 135 pounds. I always wanted a Capybara. Perhaps it's from Bill Peet's book, Cappybobby. Or maybe it's just because I am a devoted guinea pig lover and these are just giant guinea pigs. Here's some pictures of real Capybaras. Maybe someday this will be my very own furbaby!

Look at all the babies!

Let's go for a walk honey.


Don't you think you're getting a bit too big for this?

Off we go to a day at the park! Yipee!

Bath time!

May I have the ring, please?



  1. WOW! These things are giant! Love the picture of the one with the leash going for a walk & the other sitting on the womens lap-so funny! I can totally see you taking one on a walk with a leash Patty LOL

  2. They kind of remind me of marmots, but a lot bigger. heehee. Patty, I think you would like the marmots that live around here, too. Perhaps a starter pet before these. heehee.

  3. OMG !!!
    are those real photos ???
    holey rat, that is one BIG rodent :)

  4. Oh dear! They are huge!! I didn't realize they got so big! I love the one where it's sitting in the lady's lap! LOL

  5. Wow!!! I've never seen one of those before! Great photos - I loved the "smile" one and the ringbearer cracked me up!

  6. The smile one cracked me up! Wow! Do people really own these as pets? Seriously?
    Talk about a guard "dog"!

  7. OMD!!! I need to check out this book!

    Your pal, Pip

  8. I love him in the bathtub! How cute!


  9. Having been a tour guide in the Pantanal, Brazil I have seen a lot of capybararas, while they are nice in their habitat, I can't for the life of me think why one would want a guinea pig the size of a rottweiler. A cool post.


  10. They look like a bunch of fun!!! And too cute!

  11. I love this! I have always wanted a capy, and am a fellow Cavy lover myself :)