Saturday, September 24, 2011

Ink Drawings for Cat Lovers

For the cat lovers! 

Have you ever seen black cats wandering around a pumpkin patch? So intriguing! 
Card stock drawing in black and brown ink. 

There are so many sad kitty stories out there. Always heartbreaking. I was doodling in bed last night and ended up listing this as it reflected my dreams of a cozy loving place where I wish all kitties could go. 

Listed in Catcalls 


  1. I love those two pictures. Do you sell those?? The black cats in the pumpkin patch is great and so is the cat sitting in the moon. That one would be a great advertisement for rescue cats.
    You are really good at this stuff. Take care.

  2. Marg...thank you! I so appreciate your comment! The second one was born out of a sadness over the plight of so many kitties. I do sell them. You can just click on them to go my shop.

  3. Those are cute! I wish all kitties had a loving furever home too!

  4. your drawings are incredibly them!