Thursday, August 12, 2010

YES! This IS the Saturday Pet Blog Hop! And these Friday stories are so worth reading-so go ahead and get your tissues and read on....
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It's Furbaby Friday!

Today's recipient of 50 FREE TWEETS is Monett from MOKA DESIGNS on Etsy.
She is the mother of 6 kids, as she says, two human and four with four legs! Do you have your tissues ready?

Chance-the $4,000 dog!

I know I am a little gray around the edges, but I am still pretty spry at 7 years old. I never thought I would see this age since I was wandering the streets as a pup. I have no idea who my parents are, but who cares? I have some pretty awesome human parents and a boy teenager best friend that would make any canine turn green! I was living at a humane society in Los Angeles when I was four months old. They said I had pit bull in me and I guess I was kind of mean. But when you live on the streets you just have to be aggressive to stay alive. One day a lady and her boy came in. I could feel right away that he was the one I wanted. I looked at him real hard and it worked because they took me home! But I had lots of problems. I grew really fast and all the ligaments in my back right knee were torn and worn to the bone. So at 3 years old I had knee replacement surgery. A bit pricey, but I guess they thought I was worth it. They did their best but could not get it quite perfect, so I walk with a limp and can't be too active. But my boy still loves me anyway. Aren't boys great?! Then in May this year I was outside playing and this nasty baby rattlesnake bit my left foot. It was bad. I thought at times I was on my way to dog heaven. But I pulled through. I must have been dreaming about my boy and how much I wanted to see him again. That rattlesnake is long gone now! It was Shovel vs.
Rattlesnake and the shovel won! So my boy and I are still best friends and I hope it stays that way for many years to come!

Baylee the Shepherd Mix

Chance and I have known each other since puppyhood. We were roommates at the Los Angeles Humane Society. I was found on the streets at about 10 months of age. I was VERY timid. My puppy life had been very unpleasant, to say the least, and I was filled with fear. I think I wanted to be loved by a human but just kept remembering my past days and cowered every time I was near any. I did love Chance though. When the lady and her boy came, I could feel right away that something was happening. Chance wanted that boy. When they took him out, I was so afraid, but I so badly wanted to be with him that I cried and went creeping on my belly and put my paws over my head. I know I looked absolutely pathetic, but I couldn't let them take Chance without me. I NOW know how very lucky I was. This lady and her boy are so full of compassion that they just couldn't leave me there. Somehow they just knew about the terrible things in my past and wanted to love me anyway. And whew! Am I glad! I was on death row.
So in appreciation for my deep love and affection for them, I like to bring them presents! I love to hunt and try to bring the choicest of critters for them. Isn't that nice of me?!

Here we are in younger days with our boy!

Bebe- Shih-tzu

Hi Peeps out there! I am Bebe the queen! At least I feel like a queen in this wonderful home!
About two years ago I had been hit by a car. I was in terrible pain. My former owners put this purple stuff all over my back end but it really didn't help. They waited three days before taking me to the vet. I really wasn't very well cared for-matted fur-icky waste on me-but now I was really in bad shape. When they heard that I had a broken pelvis along with the large cut on my back leg, they decided to put me know. I looked up wide eyed into the face of the technician with great fear and sadness. She was so kind. She just couldn't do it. So my owners gave me over to them and they treated me and put me up for adoption. I must say.... if it took that accident to get me where I am today-it was worth it! What a home! Love, love , and more love. The first day, I just walked in and took my proper position. After all-I knew this is where I belonged! And that Chance....oooo mama!! He is FINE!!!

Monett also has two cats and one more Shih-tzu, and recently a visiting cat that just may end up part of the family!

Monett says:
We love our rescues. They all have their quirks and issues, but who doesn't? They do not have name brands or fancy papers, but they give us so much unconditional love and friendship that the bad habits and quirks don't matter.
Please, when thinking about adding a pet to your life, check out the local shelters, humane societies, vet offices, and even groomers. They all will have great pets looking for homes. It's like designer jeans versus no name jeans. They both fit great-one just doesn't have a high price tag or fancy name. If you rescue a pet, they will be your best friend and eternally grateful. They will never forget what you have done for them.

drawing of red heart
Monett has a lovely Etsy shop full of trendy handmade totes and bags.

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I do love kitties!

Make sure you take a minute to check out her beautiful shop!

You can also find her on Twitter-where I found her!

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  1. What a heart warming story :) I completely agree that rescues are worth their weight in gold! I have three myself and love them dearly. So glad Baylee got to go with Chance (the same name as one of my rescues) -- you were so kind! And so glad Bebe survived her terrible ordeal! They sure look like very happy dogs today :)

  2. I love these inspiring rescue stories! I would love to participate in a future Furbaby Friday. I am owned by a wonderful senior dachshund who is a rescue.

  3. Some day when I have time, I should tell you about our story of rescuing our doggies. My Beauty is now at Rainbow Bridge but she gave us 11 years of unconditional love. I also still have my Chichi and pray that the Lord will allow us to enjoy him for more years to come.

    Love your stories.


  4. Aww, got to love rescued pets. There eyes seem so wise sometimes. Always, love the happy tails endings and new beginnings stories here.

  5. How sweet! Look at the faces on those cuties. :) This is a WONDERFUL feature. I have two fur babies, myself. Would love to be featured sometime. :) Theresa

  6. Truly special story thank you so much for sharing it!!! Your Baylee looks so much like my Timber its amazing!!! My Timber was a Akita, Chow and Labrador mix and my sweet Angel. She passed away last year at the age of 13 1/2 and I miss her so much. Thank you so much for sharing your story and photos!! I look forward to following your blog!!! Hugs, Lauren and the fuzzy gang

  7. A tear-jerker as usual, Patty! But, a fantastic story...Monett obviously has a huge heart! God Bless her, her son, and all those other beautiful "children"! You are an angel, Monett!
    Kelly & Crew

  8. What a great idea. Perfect way to get to know others in a more intimate setting. Love her bags! Thank for introducing her to everyone. I love her bags.

    Stopping by to say hello with the Pet Bloggers Blog Hop.
    Felissa, Davinia, and Indiana

  9. What a wonderful lady, and what wonderful stories on all 3 pups. I also love your totes.
    Thank you for sharing your story with us.

  10. Ahhh! So sweet!
    I'm glad all those darling furries found a great home! What a wonderful family to take in all those animals!

  11. Great heartwarming stories! They are so lucky to have a great momma.
    All throughout my childhood we adopted dogs from the shelter or took in stray cats. My sister is a homeless dog magnet and I have given a home to one stray cat and one from a shelter.

  12. Tank youz so much for becoming my new furiend today. Mom and me really likes your bloggie so I am your new furiend too!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  13. Hello we are your newest followers from the pet blog hop! Love your blog, shed a few tears reading Friday post.
    Check us out at

  14. I know I've already commented but I had to stop by on the Pet Blogger Hop and say Hello again ;-)
    Kelly & Crew

  15. Thanks for following, and for sharing these great stories. I'm following you back now!

  16. Hi Thanks to everyone for all your kind thoughts and words. I would have at least 20 more if the pocket book and city would allow it. I love that the pets tell the story it sounds so much better than coming from mom.
    Thank Again your furever friend monett

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