Thursday, August 26, 2010

Meet Max and Molly, very special Greyhounds who love their mom, Jane, from The Doghouse. Jane will receive 50 FREE TWEETS for being featured here!


Back in May 2008 I was having a tough time with my health and found myself no longer working the long hours. It was at this time I began thinking about getting a dog. It was important to both Martin and me to find a rescue dog, so we scoured the internet pages of all our local rescue centres to find the perfect dog for us. I came across the local Retired Greyhound Trust page and got to reading all about retired greyhounds and how they make wonderful pets. I had never really thought about greyhounds before but was struck by how beautiful these animals were and saddened by the thought that after their often short racing careers, they wound up 'on the scrap heap', waiting for someone to adopt them, or worse. The more Martin and I looked into greyhounds, the more it sounded like they were ideally suited to us as a pet. We contacted the Borders Retired Greyhound Trust and it wasn't long before they got back to us. A 6 year old male brindle dog had just arrived from the track in Sunderland. Would we like to come meet him? Max was a beautiful boy - so tall and handsome with deep brown eyes and perky little ears.

He was so excited to come for a walk with us that our minds were made up instantly - he was coming home with us!

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Molly is the younger of my 2 greyhounds and came to us at Christmas 2008, just 6 months after Max! Not long after we adopted Max, I found out about a small greyhound rehoming charity, Gracehounds, based very close to where we lived. They were looking for volunteers to help walk their foster dogs. Max was still a bit aloof , so this was a good opportunity for socializing him. I started walking him along with the other Gracehounds' dogs on a regular basis. A couple of months later, a little black and white dog, Molly, arrived at the charity. She had been rescued from a trainer in Fife who was going to have her put to sleep as she was 'no good' at racing. She was only 2 1/2 years old! Molly was quite a handful when she first arrived. She was very excitable and challenging to walk on a lead, easily becoming anxious. She was so pretty and eager to please, though, and I took a shine to her. Walking her alongside Max, who was very steady on the lead, was a calming influence on her, and she soon started to become less anxious. Max, on the other hand, started to open up and interact more with the world around him. They were helping each other out! In November that year, Molly was homed to a family with another dog and two children. She didn't cope well with the move. She became anxious and overly boisterous with the children. Within weeks she was returned to the charity.

I found myself feeling strangely glad that things hadn't worked out in her new home but couldn't understand why. It didn't take long to piece things together though. I wanted Molly to be OUR dog! We certainly hadn't been planning on acquiring another dog, but we just couldn't let little Molly go to another home when she clicked so well with us, and Max, of course! So Molly came home with us that Christmas, a present to Max, and has been here ever since.

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Yes, it's true. I, Max, like to sleep! I don't much care where. Just any place comfy will do. I regularly fall asleep with my head dangling over the edge of things, my nose squashed against the floor and my tongue hanging out. Sometimes I dream I am a puppy again and let out a few puppy barks. I even get up and run a little in my sleep! See...sleeping IS good exercise!

Occasionally, but not very often....well....OK....probably a little TOO often....I like to see what's in everyone's pockets. So I stick my head in...kind of rude I guess. But you never know when you might find a goodie! But I AM very polite and always shake hands with them after I snoop!

Ahhh...the life of an accident prone dog! There are so many interesting things to see and do, I forget to look where I'm going! So I end up on the couch again. Do you know where I can get a canine wheelchair?

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I can't believe Mom took this picture of me (Molly)! I really like to play but only when no one is looking. I sneak up on one of my soft toys and throw it around in the air making cute little barking noises at it. But as soon as I see someone watching, I'll stop and pretend I wasn't doing anything. Playing is a secret thing where I enter into my own private dog daydreams....

Yum Yum! I LOVE people food! Mom doesn't let me have it enough. Some story about not being good for me...but I say, 'if something tastes this good-like this lavender cupcake batter-GIVE IT TO THE DOGS!'

Max and I are the best of friends!
We are super fast and like to play know...45 mph for about 10 seconds then be done! I hope I can run as fast as he does when I'm his age!

Mom puts us in raincoats sometimes when we're out. She thinks we look cute. Humans.They have such goofy ideas!

But goofy or not, there's no place we'd rather be than in this snuggly, warm, loving home with Jane and Martin. We love you!

Dear Max,
I rescued you and you rescued me right back, in so many ways. You motivated me to get out of bed when I could see no other reason, you inspired me to change my career, and you brought a smile to my face when nothing else could.

Max and Molly just make such a lovely pair - I think they were made for each other, and for us!

Jane is a fellow team mate on Etsy for Animals. She is a true lover of Greyhounds and big supporter of Gracehounds. She donates regularly to animal charities. Her shops tell the story. They are filled with original handmade designs of clothing for humans and dogs, totes, cushions, tea towels and aprons. Click on the little photos above to view them in her Etsy shop.
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Most things are found in both shops.

Right now the Art for Pitties Tote Bag Auction is going on to raise funds for Even Chance PitBull Rescue. Jane's donation can be viewed HERE.

Jane has an AWESOME blog! So many fun Max and Molly pictures and heartwarming stories.

FURBABY FRIDAY is dedicated to our much loved furry (or not so furry!) animal friends that enrich our lives and world and make us better people!
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  3. So awesome to read Max & Mollys' stories on your blog, Patty - you've really done my 2 beautiful furbabies justice! I love the knack you have for telling things from a dog's point of view - you've got a real gift ;-) This is a really special post & I hope it inspires others to consider adopting a 45mph couch potato of their own! THANK YOU =D Jx

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    You outdid yourself on this one I think :)
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