Sunday, June 13, 2010


Original ACEO -- Time to Eat

Little Cat Horner sat in a corner

Tortoise  Shell Cat Eating Sardines Art Print

Eating his sardine pie

Sushi CAT  All done Signed and matted print

He put in his claw and licked off his paw

Sumo Cat

And said, "What a good boy am I"!

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  1. Sasha the wiener dog here. Love the mews when it involves pie. Not sure I would like sardine pie though, but I is willing to try anything once. Woofs to the cool kitty artists, too.

  2. So cute. I always look forward to the a-MEWS-ments, and this one did not dissapoint. LOL
    I just love the artists' work as well.

  3. What beautiful illustrations! I, too, love these Monday a-MEWS-ments. You do such a wonderful job of finding just the right combination of verse and artwork. Nice for a smile first thing this morning :)

  4. I enjoyed this very much! Thank you!


  5. I love the cat art work!

    My Diesel (very big) would like the sumo cat!!!!

  6. Sumo Cat is proud to be a part of your Monday A-Mews-Ments. This is a very clever thing you are doing. Thanks for including me!

  7. This is wonderful, love thew witty cats

  8. The cat pictures are so cute! Makes for a fun Monday.